Shocking Facts About Dreams That Blind People Experience

Many ask, do blind people also dream? What do blind people dream like? Check out the explanation below.

Dreams are not only experienced by people who have complete senses, especially the sense of sight. The fact is that blind people are also capable of dreaming. Dreams are produced by the combination of various senses and include the senses of sight, hearing, smell and touch.

Even if a person has lost his sense of sight, he is still able to dream.

What are the dreams of blind people like?

Shocking Facts About Dreams of Blind People

Two people who have no sense of sight will not dream of the same thing. So basically what blind people experience when dreaming depends on many factors for example from a point where they lose their sense of sight.

So it should be understood that blind people will dream the same as people in general about everyday events or about things they may hear throughout the day.

Do blind people dream visually?

A person born without vision cannot dream visually because he has no understanding and experience of what the surrounding images are like.

Such a person will usually have a dream known as an auditory dream, that is, a dream that has sound but no image. But the sensation that a person has when he dreams will remain the same no matter whether he is blind or not.

A person who is born with vision and then loses his sense of sight After some time will have vivid dreams just like people who have the sense of sight in general. But it depends on when he loses his sense of sight, whether since he was a child or after reaching puberty. Sometimes the dreams experienced are a bit blurry and not very clear.

Dreams are formed from the images they store in their memories. So when they dream about someone, that person will be described as exactly what they saw before they lost their sense of sight.

What is the dream of a color blind person?

There is still much debate about this, because it can differ from one person to another, depending on the experience they have. If a person has been blind all their life or from an early age then they will not dream with colors, although they may associate colors with certain things.

Like the mention of red they will think of blood or yellow with the sun. These are just words and are not supported by vision. People who have had a previous sense of sight will dream in color but may be a little blurry or not bright.

Blind people do dream, but the dreams they experience are different from those of people who have a sense of sight. For people who have the sense of sight to imagine dreaming without the sense of sight may seem impossible.

A film critic and a YouTuber named Tommy Edison uploaded a video that reveals what it’s like to dream for a blind person from birth.

He shared his experience and said that the dream he experienced was the same as what he felt every day who could only feel the smell, sound, taste and touch. So he didn’t know what it was like to see at all even in his dreams.

However, the reason is that dreams do not depend on the sense of sight, usually blind people will concentrate more on the sensations that result from their dreams.

That’s a post about the surprising facts of dreams experienced by blind people. We should be grateful to be given a complete sense of sight so that we can still taste how to dream clearly.

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