Scar vs Thompson Comparison Free Fire (FF)

In Free Fire, there are many weapons that you can use in the game for you to kill an enemy. Every weapon has different capability and function, so it’s important for you to know each of those weapons capability. The scar and the thompson is one of the best weapons in their own category. So here we have scar vs thompson comparison in Free Fire that you need to know.

Scar vs Thompson Comparison Free Fire (FF)


The scar is one of the best assault rifle that you can find to loot in Free Fire. Most people name the scar as the second groza. This weapon is really easy to control, with minimum recoil that it has. It also has a lot of attachment slots available for you, which will make you able to have many different setups to try.


Meanwhile, the thompson is an SMG that is capable of killing an enemy in close range. This weapon is one of the best SMG that you can have in Free Fire. With the high rate of fire, the thompson is really good at killing the enemy fast.

Direct comparison between the scar vs thompson Free Fire


In terms of damage, the scar is leading the way with 3 points lead from the thompson. Either from close range or mid range, the scar is definitely more deadly than the thompson. Due to the different type of weapon, it is obvious that the scar is dominant in terms of damage.


Even though the scar has way more range capability, both of these weapons are actually kind of balanced in terms of range capability. The thompson is highly capable of killing an enemy in close range, but it is not as effective in mid to long range. Meanwhile, the scar is really capable of killing an enemy in mid range battle, but it’s not as effective in close range battle. So both of these weapons has their own strength in terms of range capability.

Rate of fire

Both of these weapons, has a high rate of fire. But to compare, the thompson is slightly better than the scar in Free Fire. It’s because the thompson has 77 points in terms of rate of fire.


The reload speed can be a critical characteristic that a weapon can have. The scar has 41 points in terms of reload speed. And the thompson, as an SMG, has more points with 48 points. So for close range battle, the thompson is obviously a better options.


In terms of ammo capacity, the thompson is leading again with 40 ammo available to save in one magazine. Meanwhile, the scar can only keep 30 ammo in it’s magazine.


The last is accuracy, which is also a crucial point that a weapon should have. The scar as a deadly assault rifle, leads the comparison with 42 points. Meanwhile, the Thompson has 34 points in terms of accuracy. This is a usual thing since the scar is an assault rifle, so it requires better accuracy.

And that’s the scar vs thompson comparison in Free Fire that you need to know. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!

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