Rusher vs Survival, Which is the Best Strategy for Push Rank in PUBG Mobile?

As a battle royale game, PUBG Mobile offers complex gameplay that makes each player have to be able to set a strategy. Includes a strategy for doing push rank. In line with that, this time we will compare the rusher vs survival strategy to be able to do push rank in the PUBG Mobile game in the following article.

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game known for its complex gameplay. Within the match arena, there are many possibilities that players can find. Therefore, good players must master various strategies and be able to make quick decisions in the game.

In Classic battle royale mode, players compete for the winner chicken dinner winner. There are many strategies you can do to get a chicken dinner in the game. Among them is the strategy of playing rusher by killing all players or survival by trying to survive until the late game.

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Strategy for Push Rank in PUBG Mobile

In each season the players try to get the highest rank or tier. That way he has the opportunity to get a variety of attractive offers from the Royale Pass Season. This also happens in the current season, Season 15 Beyond ACE

Here is a rusher vs survival comparison.

Rusher’s Strategy

In a battle royale game like PUBG Mobile, even though it has a large map, inevitably it will still force each player to meet. So many players try to be desperate to find or approach other players. With the aim of attacking him.

Even for players who are thirsty for blood to get as many kills as possible, they will try to finish off every enemy from the start of the game. They think that the important battle royale game can eliminate every enemy in the game. That way he will be the winner and get a winner chicken dinner winner.

Survival Strategy

In contrast to the rusher strategy above, the survival strategy is aimed at being able to survive until the late game. For players who use this strategy as much as possible to avoid war, especially at the beginning of the match.

They just play it safe, whether it’s hiding or camping in a certain place. Then they will come out in the late game as the remaining players in the late game. That way they just have to finish the last war to win the match.

Rusher vs Survival Comparison


The comparison of the two strategies is that the rusher strategy is an active playing style. While the survival strategy is a passive play style. Both have their own challenges, so they also require their own detailed strategy.

Maybe you think that playing with a survival strategy is a boring way to play. This assumption is not true because playing defensively also requires skill. Like to find a safe place and have to continue to deal with the Blue Zone in the game.

So actually the best strategy for doing push rank in the PUBG Mobile game is a survival strategy. That’s because to do a push rank, the main factor is getting a large placement point in each game. The more he is the last player, the more points he will get.

Therefore, players who are in push rank will avoid war at the beginning of the game. The goal is that he doesn’t die in vain at the start of the match and actually worsens the K / D ratio of the player. To do a push rank, players must maintain stats, especially the K / D ratio.

If the more often players die in the game, the K / D ratio of that player can decrease. Conversely, if he lasts more often until the late game, especially being able to enter the Top 10, then the K / D ratio will increase. Because of the matches he has played, this player rarely dies.

But that doesn’t mean kill isn’t necessary for push rank. But don’t play too recklessly in games that can make your life in vain. It’s enough that you can get at least 3-4 kills every match. Play to survive and prepare for the last war in the late game.

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That is the comparison between rusher playing strategy and survival playing strategy. To be able to push rank, the strategy to play survival is preferred. Thank you!

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