RRQ tops the standings, Bigetron RA Got this Problem!

On August 8, Final Day 3 PMWL East 2020 was held. Now, there were some surprising things that happened that day. It seems that Bigetron RA, which is one of the esports teams from Indonesia, is hit by a technical problem.

Because of this, they were not maximal in running the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) East 2020 tournament which was held on August 8 yesterday. Bigetron itself seems to be struggling in its game by not being able to get first place in every existing round. In addition, they also fell in their position at the bottom of each round that was held in the final.

Bigetron RA’s Trouble!

Well, according to the news circulating, this problem is due to a connection and also some other technical problems. This was reinforced by the upload of a bigetron RA player named Luxxy on his Instagram

Seen in his Instagram story, Luxxy, who is a Bigetron RA player, took a photo of a router he was using and the connection was having problems. This causes Bigetron RA’s performance to be less than optimal in its game.

With the technical problems from Bigetron RA, RRQ Athena managed to overtake Bigetron RA’s position by getting 2x chicken dinner and also becoming the most dominant on this third day. Of course, PMWL east will get hotter by getting very thin points between the two teams.

Well, hopefully Bigetron RA will show its maximum performance today at PMWL on the fourth day and be able to catch up with their point deficit in this prestigious tournament.

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