Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ), What Does It Mean?

Rex Regum Qeon or what we know as RRQ is one of the most popular Esports teams, especially in the Mobile Legends game. Many are looking for the meaning of the abbreviation of Rex Regum Qeon, then what does it mean?

For Esports connoisseurs, the name RRQ or Rex Regum Qeon is certainly familiar to your ears. The team managed by Adrian Pauline is one of the most popular Esports teams in the national and international arena.

This popularity is none other than the success of the RRQ team in winning the current Esports scene competition. For those of you who are curious what the meaning of Rex Regum Qeon is?

Meaning of Rex Regum Qeon

Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) is a Latin word taken from the word King of Kings which means the king of kings. As for the word Qeon, it is one of the Indonesian publishers, Qeon Interactive.

In short, Rex Regum Qeon is one of the Esports teams formed by the game developers from Qeon Interactive, who deliberately inserted the name Qeon in the name Rex Regum Qeon as a branch of the company’s business.

Investigating further about the Rex Regum Qeon team, this one team was originally formed in 2013. At that time there was only one Esports division. Namely Dota 2.

Then over time, to be precise in 2017 Rex Regum Qeon began to expand to other games, including PUBG, FIFA, Point Black, CSGO, PUBG Mobile, AOV and Mobile Legends.

The name Rex Regum Qeon became known among the public, especially gamers when it formed the Mobile Legends division, which is the most popular game to date.

RRQ’s success in Mobile Legends

Not only successful in Indonesia, Rex Regum Qeon began to expand to the international stage. RRQ finally created a team outside Indonesia by recruiting foreign players to join Rex Regum Qeon.

The effort was not in vain. One of the Rex Regum Qeon teams in the CSGO division and also AOV where these foreign players have won the competition several times.

As for several countries that have been shaded by Rex Regum Qeon, including Mongolia and also the Philippines. And even the squad in the AOV game division has two different teams. The first team was filled by a team from Indonesia and the second team was filled by Thai players.

Like the Esports team which has a fairly high and well-known name in Asia, especially in Southeast Asia. To become a player from the Rex Regum Qeon team is not easy and has high standards.

Of course, when you want to join this esports team, you must have good skills, especially in your teamwork skills. As we know, when playing esports you can’t just rely on individual skills during matches. This is because individual skills become double-edged blades. Can lead to victory or defeat.

For those of you who want to join the Rex Regum Qeon or RRQ team, you have to be good at playing games, then you have to have a very good character and attitude, and you have to get permission from your parents.

If you intend to enter national and international esports teams. You can do rigorous training on yourself by mastering the basics to the advanced stages of a mobile legends meta game.

So what do you think about the meaning of this Rex Regum Qeon or RRQ? Not only in the Mobile Legends division that you usually know, it turns out that the RRQ team is also very well known in other Asian countries.

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