Rex Exits from Team Secret PUBG Mobile, Secret to Secret?

Team Secret is no doubt about it in terms of esports management. One of their PUBG Mobile teams from Malaysia unfortunately had to let go of players. Yes, Rex left Team Secret PUBG Mobile.

Whereas previously JangS also came out in early February. Followed by Rex, it was seen that Team Secret lacked players for their PUBG Mobile Malaysia division. Maybe TS also has plans to transport some players?

Currently, only 3 players are left playing in Team Secret. The three players are IShotz, MADTOI, and uHigh. With only three players left, they certainly still lacked at least one more player.

Rex’s departure is also a hint from Team Secret. “Looks like Rex will move not too far away,” he said. Maybe move to another PUBG Mobile Malaysia team, or maybe another SEA country?

Rex Quits Team Secret PUBG Mobile

From Team Secret’s Instagram account, they posted Rex’s departure. It’s a shame that he came as a rookie at Secret and came out as a really great player.

It has been 230 days since he played for Team Secret, Rex had to leave his family in this team. Other players from Team Secret such as MADTOI and iShotz also bid him goodbye.

But there is something interesting. From the caption taken from Team Secret’s post, it can be seen that Team Secret gave a little leak. They thought Rex’s departure might not be “far away”.

Thank you Rex ?

We couldn’t be more grateful for having shared this journey with you. So many laughs we’ve shared together. You will forever be a friend, teammate and brother to us.

We look forward to seeing where life will take you, but our intuition tells us you won’t end up too far away ?

See you later ✌️

From the quote above, surely Rex will be very memorable. Surely with 230 days playing for Team Secret, it will not be a short time for him to play with his new family. But according to Team Secret their intuition was telling that Rex wouldn’t go far.

Just Moving Divisions

Apparently this is just a form of trolling from Team Secret. Rex left Team Secret Malaysia and only went to Secret Jin. For those who don’t know, Secret Jin is the Thailand PUBG Mobile team.

He, who only moved divisions and this gaming house, apparently cheated many fans. With his move from Team Secret, Rex will now play with his new team members at Secret Jin.

Technically, it is true that Rex left Team Secret PUBG Mobile. But apparently only the division moved to Thailand. Later in Team Secret Jin, Rex will continue to play as a fragger.

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