Release Date for New Commander Connie Magic Chess Mobile Legends (ML)

Connie is the latest Little Commander to be released in Magic Chess game mode in Mobile Legends. Having unique and strong skills, When is the release date for Connie’s newest Commander to Advanced Server Magic Mobile Legends?

Magic Chess is a very popular mode and is widely played by Mobile Legends gamers. In this mode you will play to compete strategies and end up with just one player win. Every month, Moonton often presents various new things to Magic Chess mode, one of which is by presenting the latest Commander.

At the end of October 2020, you will have a little Commander named Connie. The commander is nicknamed the Star Catcher and has a cute sheep-like appearance in magic chess in Mobile Legends. Then when will Little Commander Connie be released to the Original Server Mobile Legends?

Little Commander Connie Magic Chess Release Date Mobile Legends

Little Commander Connie will be released to Original Server on October 30 2020 at the end of next month. You can buy Connie for only 24,000 Battle Points. Not only that, Moonton also provides a discount of 30% for players who buy it at the time of its release.

Connie is a little Commander who has a very cute sheep-like appearance. He is very fond of cooking and can give buff skills to other heroes in the match. At the time of its release, you can also get a set of Connie’s skins called Tender Fluff.

You can buy this skin for only 269 diamonds and have made all the skills that Connie has instantly, that way, you don’t have to bother playing Connie long enough to unlock Connie’s skills one by one in Magic Chess Mobile Legends.

As for Connie’s ability to Magic Chess in Mobile Legends. This Little Commander has the ability to get additional heroes that aim to activate a synergy that is less than your synergy line-up.

Connie is very suitable to be used to activate a synergy that requires 6 heroes to activate. Such as the Marksman Synergy, the Assassin Synergy and 6 other synergies. Now for those of you who are very active in using a lot of synergy in the Magic Chess game, we recommend that you use Connie after this Little Commander on October 30, 2020.

Can’t wait to wait for Connie’s new Little Commander? While waiting, prepare your Battle Point first. So that after its release you can directly play this cute and strong Little Commander in Magic Chess Mobile Legends.

That’s all the review this time for the release date of Little Commander Connie in Magic Chess Mobile Legends game mode. Hopefully this is useful especially for those of you who are Magic Chess players. See you!

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