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Moonton previously officially presented its newest tank hero in Mobile Legends, the hero is Daktec. Now in the latest update, Daktec will have changed its name to Gloo. This is the release date for Gloo’s new hero in Mobile Legends.

Gloo is a tank hero who has the form of a very large slime monster. He has a very deep purple color and is a very unique hero in Mobile Legends. Surely you are curious about the release date of Gloo’s new hero in Mobile Legends this one.

Esportsku this time will provide information on the release date of the new hero Gloo in Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are lovers of the Mobile Legends game, you must know when this one hero was released in Mobile Legends.

Gloo’s New Hero Release Date in Mobile Legends

the release date of Gloo's new hero in Mobile Legends

Hero Gloo will be released in April 2021 in Mobile Legends (ML). This is because there are several new heroes waiting to be released to the original server later.

Well, even though it’s just a prediction from us, usually the release pattern is like that. However, it is not uncommon for heroes to be released at certain events.

Some of the new heroes include Yve, Beatrix, and then Gloo. As per the release schedule, Yve will be released in February 2021, then for the following month Beatrix will be released. After Beatrix, the new hero Gloo will be released in Mobile Legends.

Not only that, the skill leak from Gloo is also here for you to know. Gloo has very strong skills as a tank hero. This one hero will be very qualified to be used as a support tank in Mobile Legends.

Gloo hero skill itself is very unique. For his first skill, Gloo will attack and dive towards the opponent and give a magic damage attack. After that, Gloo will move back and provide an attack on its weak point.

Then for the second skill Gloo allows this one hero to extend his body size and attack by dealing Magic Damage. Gloo can paralyze opponents in a few seconds. This skill is the Gloo hero escape skill in Mobile Legends.

For the ultimate skill, Gloo has two hero mechanisms for attacking. For this skill, it will allow Gloo to move freely by creating a clone. Gloo will attack the opponent and provide a basic attack on the opponent.

This ultimate skill can be used twice. For the second attack, Gloo will attack the opponent by sticking and giving a deadly attack. For details about the Gloo mobile legends (ML) hero skills you can see here.

So that’s it for this review regarding the release date of the new hero Gloo in Mobile Legends. Hopefully this review will be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers.

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