Recommended Cartoon Series For Kids! Is There One Of Your Favorites?

Nowadays cartoon series for children are less and less common. Because many who produce films with the children’s genre are not in demand, therefore nowadays it’s even rare for children’s films that are available or the latest.

In the 2000s there were still a lot of films with children’s genres in the market, even the sales rate at that time was very good. So what are the recommendations for cartoon series for children. Come on, look at the following reviews!

Ben 10 (2005)

Who doesn’t know Ben 10. This 10-year-old boy whose full name is Ben Tennyson, tells of himself finding a mysterious object that can transform himself into 10 very powerful extraterrestrial beings.

Because he has the strong ability of Ben 10, realizes his responsibility to protect mankind from the attacks of evil creatures. The story begins!

Gravity Falls (2012)

This film tells the story of 2 children who are siblings who vacation at their uncle’s house. The story continues, suddenly they are trapped in a mysterious city and must save the people who are there.

This film is of the genre of imliah and fantasy fiction which is good for stimulating the child’s brain, so this film deserves a lot of awards.

Steven Universe Future (2019)

Judging from the title alone is Steven the universe saver. Yep, it’s true that the character in this film is named Steven. He is on a mission to save people from bad events in the universe.

On the way, Steven meets his friends who will help him carry out the mission. Will Steven managed to save people from this bad incident.

Amphibia (2019)

This film tells the story of the adventures of 13 year old Anne Boonchuy, who is miraculously transferred into a fantasy world of amphibian. This world is a country swamp filled with creatures of the frog type.

Long story short, Annie also meets her best friend named Sprig, who also has the same goal. What is the same goal!

The Flintstones (1960)

This film, released in 1960, tells the story of family woes in the modern stone age. Long story short, the flintsones who are the main characters in this film find a magical way to avoid this misery. will the flintsones make it through the adversity?

It is true that cartoon series or films for children are now rare. But that doesn’t mean it’s dead. There are still many TV series for children that are interesting to watch. So for parents you have to be smart in choosing series or movies, to help the child’s brain development.

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