Recommended 8 Realme Smartphones for Free Fire

In the three years since its initial launch, Free Fire can be said to have become one of the most successful battle royale games. Interesting ideas that you won’t find in similar games are one of the reasons why Free Fire is so popular. So, is there a Realme Smartphone for Free Fire?

As we know, not only displays a unique game, Free Fire also has the impression of a potato smartphone friendly game. No need for specifications that are too high just to play Free Fire. This is what makes this game from Garena able to win the hearts of many players.

And for those of you who have a Realme smartphone or will decide to buy a Realme smartphone as your new smartphone, here are a list of recommendations for Realme smartphones that can play Free Fire.

Realme C3

First introduced in February 2020, you can make Realme C3 an option if you want to play Free Fire on a smartphone. The existence of the Mediatek Helio G70 kitchen is the reason why this smartphone is capable of playing Free Fire.

Realme 3 and above

Realme 3 is arguably one of the series that has a lot of enthusiasts. This is of course thanks to the slick specifications and is supported at a low price. In addition, of course, for its top variations, Realme for this version is very strong for playing Free Fire.

Realme 3 Pro and above

As the name implies, Realme Pro is the top version of the regular Realme series. And on Realme Pro, you can play Free Fire in the Realme 3 Pro series and above. To be more specific, of course, it depends on the money you have.

Realme XT

Realme XT can indeed be used as an example of a smartphone that has an attractive price. On Realme XT you can already get Qualcomm SDM712 Snapdragon 712 for under 4 million rupiah. Of course, with this kitchen runway, Free Fire is not a serious problem.

Realme X2 and X2 Pro

Snapdragon 730G, which is one of the slick processors for gaming, is on the Realme X2 and X2 Pro. Of course, it can be concluded that these two smartphone series are worth buying for those of you who like to play Free Fire.

Realme 5s

Realme 5s is the best series from Realme 5. Carrying Snapdragon 665, this smartphone released in September 2019 can be the answer for those of you who want to play Free Fire smoothly.

Narzo 10

Narzo 10 is one of the newest products from Realme. Having a unique name, Realme Nazro 10 itself is not sold freely because it will only be available online. Even so, this certainly does not reduce the evidence that this smartphone is indeed good for playing Free Fire.

Realme X

Finally, there is Realme X which is also a version with Realme XT. Of course, you can use the Snapdragon 710 on Realme X optimally to play Free Fire.

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