Reasons for 2 Core Meta is Good For Counter Hyper Carry Mobile Legends (ML)

2 Core meta is a meta that is currently often used by RRQ Hoshi in MPL Season 6. This meta has proven to be effective to use because RRQ Hoshi himself has yet to be defeated. There are several reasons 2 core meta is the counter meta hyper carry Mobile Legends. In the following, Esports provides an explanation of the reasons for 2 core meta is Good For Counter Hyper Carry Mobile Legends

When you use hyper carry meta, of course, you will focus on increasing only one core hero. That is the weak point of the meta hyper carry. When your core hero is targeted and can be killed by your opponent easily. This meta becomes a boomerang that attacks you. Unlike the 2 Core Meta which is very flexible and proven effective even though it is brought to the late game.

The following are the reasons from my esports why 2 Core Meta is the Hyper Carry Mobile Legends counter, which we concluded from the last MPL ID match in 6 ML

Source of Team Becomes Greater Damage

By using 2 core heroes, there will no big problems in terms of damage if one of the core heroes has been eliminated by the enemy. Damage from each core hero will help you win every war.

Strong Until Late Game

The two core heroes during the late game, of course, have achieved the greatest damage. Automatically when a war occurs, your team will be outperformed. In terms of damage and can beat the opposing team easily.

Very Flexible

When the hero who is the core in the meta hyper carry is eliminated by the opponent, the team automatically lacks damage. That because the biggest source of damage has been eliminated by the opponent. As a result, the team had to wait until their core hero respawned.

Can Easily Dominate the Lane

The two core heroes used are definitely divided into two lanes. One hero core is in the mid lane and one other core hero is on the side lane. When there are two heroes with high damage sources playing on two lanes, it will make it easier for your team to dominate the lanes.

Can Do Split Push With Easily

When the enemy uses meta hyper carry, a war automatically occurs in the area where the enemy’s hero core is. Meanwhile, you have two hero cores who can share tasks with each other. one hero core to focus on helping the war and another hero core can do split push thanks to the space created.

That is an explanation of the reasons for 2 core meta to be the counter meta hyper carry Mobile Legends that we have discussed. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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