Reason for the Hero’s Appearance Revamped in Mobile Legends (ML)

Many are curious about the reason why the hero in the revamp of Mobile Legends looks. Changing the appearance of heroes starting from quality or even almost changing the theme, there must be. So there is a reason for everything. Recently, Moonton has started to actively provide revamps from skills to displays. If we talk about revamp skills, it’s definitely for balancing. Usually there are useless heroes that have to be changed for the better.

Now about the appearance, usually for several reasons. The main thing is because it is considered bad in terms of quality to performance that does not match the main client. Every update must be changed for the better.

Now, since Mobile Legends has started to actively revamp their Next Project, many heroes have been revamped. Call it Franco and Hayabusa who will get a little more visual changes.

Reason for the Hero’s Appearance Revamped

Usually there are several criteria that make a hero have to revamp its appearance. The main thing is that the hero is too old and out of date or the hero must be replaced quickly.

For example, Miya is revamped because it looks really ugly. He gets revamped visuals to make it look even better and fit on an HD screen. Addition of polygons usually occurs.

So if heroes like Alucard and Layla have had a visual revamp because they imitated other character designs. Alucard imitates Dante from Devil May Cry and Layla imitates Sun Shanxiang / Sun Ren from Honor of Kings.

Visual changes are usually shown either to improve the quality of the hero so as not to be out of date, suitable for new clients, or avoiding demands from imitating other designs.

Moonton recently who will do a revamp to Hayabusa and Franco is proof of their commitment to improving the quality of the game. If you notice, Hayabusa is too similar to the Shredder from TMNT and Franco is too generic.

So it is hoped that all the old heroes will indeed be revamped visually. You can even notice this in the new heroes called Benedetta, who have good visuals and good quality models.

If Moonton plans to continue releasing heroes with high quality in terms of visuals, the old heroes will be out of date. This is what Moonton should remember as a Mobile Legends developer.

So that’s the reason the hero looks revamped. The main thing is so that you can enter the main client without looking ugly. Moreover, the upcoming NEXT Project can bring even better quality. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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