Real Tales of Astral Projection Experience Inside the Mosque?

At that time I and 4 of my friends were in the mosque. It was the month of Ramadan and we were at the mosque while staying up late waiting for the morning.
We took turns taking turns. While waiting for our turn, we snacked on the dishes that had been provided and also hot tea in the mosque. We also talked.

Cave: Jack? They say that the jinn and the devil when the month of Ramadan like this are shackled in hell? Is it true?
Kojek : I don’t really know… he said that… if… what do you think about Mas ary?
Mas ary: shoulder to shoulder that meant shackled the devil in that hadith, shackled lust. not shackle the devil? if you shackle the devil, it means that no one will commit immorality because there is no demon that affects you…
Cave: ohhh…
Mas ary : for more details, ask noval. Val what do you think?
Cak noval : this ar? In fact, my opinion is different. During a glorious month like this they remain shackled in hell. It’s just that it’s midnight (00.00) until the hour before entering the time of dawn. The chain will come off. In other words, they only appear at midnight.
Cave: ohhh… then how about in the middle of the night we just try to open our mind’s eyes?
Cak noval: beautiful inspiration, gus. How about for now, we wait for the end of Tadarrus, after that we go to buy coffee and cigarettes?
Me: wow… that’s a beautiful inspiration, isn’t it?

We also ordered the taxi driver to buy coffee, cigarettes, and fried food at the shop near the mosque. After that we talked after that 3 hours later the clock on the wall said it was 23:36 almost midnight.

Me: how are you? Is it almost midnight already?
Kojek: Did you just ask cak noval?
Cave: dude?
Cak noval: because it’s almost midnight. Let’s start reading amaliyah first!
Mas ary : wait val? Isn’t it midnight?
Cak noval : the reason is almost midnight. We have to read amaliyah wirid first
Cave: it’s true what cak noval said, mas!. Ehhh… no? How are you ready?
Kanong : I’m ready bro?
Cak noval: when all are ready, all take their respective positions. I will sit in front of the mosque sermon
Cave: ok

We started reading amaliyah amaliyah. Almost an hour passed. The clock on the wall continues to run. The air becomes indifferent and warm mixed in. It looks like it’s starting to open its mind’s eye. At that time our souls came out of each other’s bodies, the unseen tour began.

At that time my spirit walked towards the mosque’s bathroom. There is an old man guarding inside. He was about 180. He carried a stick with long hair and a long beard. I only saw a moment after that I left him.

Then I entered the mosque area. Above there is a tall black creature with red eyes watching us, then above the sermon there are thousands of jinn with various shapes and their families living above. Then I went to the mukenah storage area to the right of the mosque. How surprised I am. When you see a one-eyed person whose eyes are as big as plates without a nose, it looks like a cyclops. Sit and stare at the cave. I was surprised too. When I ask

“Sinten njenengan? (Who are you?) “
he didn’t answer, so I asked again
“I’m sorry, nami njenengan sinten?
(Sorry, may I know your name?)”
He also replied “Is it important njenengan tangglet kulo niki sinten? (It doesn’t matter who you ask me?)” then he disappeared.

Then I personally opened my eyes and ended my kebatinan. Then I looked at the clock, it was half past 2. Then I went to the front of the mosque terrace while waiting for my friends to complete their search. After that they came to a conclusion and each gathered to tell their search earlier.

Cave: I saw the old man in the bathroom of the mosque, then there was also a big black man upstairs walking around while looking down, also with the genies above the sermon.
Cak noval: I saw a big hand in front of the sermon. And women wear white headscarves. But the rest is similar to what you see guss…
Mas ary : I think we all see the same thing.
Kojek : gus? Did you see one eye as big as a plate earlier?
Cave: yes. I see! I think it’s the Antichrist.. because I asked why he didn’t answer.
Cak noval: not dajjal!. Maybe it’s a Muslim jinn who looks like the Dajjal or maybe it’s the Dajjal’s spy. This is just an argument not necessarily true.
Kanong : oh yeah sis? By the way, how come there are so many jinn in this mosque?
Mas ary : they are Muslim jinn!
Kanon: ohhh….
Cave: maybe if there are people whose prayers are not serious or made for them they will be angry…
Cak noval : yes that’s true.
Kojek : oh yeah what time is it now?
Mas ary : 02.00
Not long. After the taxi driver asked the time, suddenly Cak Noval saw a very fast appearance above the kindergarten near the mosque.
Cak noval : what is it?
Kojek: what’s wrong sis?
Cak noval: there is an appearance like a flying kuntilanak. Run fast right and left.
Cave: oh yes sis I see. Above that kindergarten, right?
Mas ary : looks like he is playing us.
Cak noval : silent. He is an infidel jinn. He will not be able to enter the mosque because only Muslim jinn can enter the mosque. Even if he could enter it was only for a moment. After that he will come out in a state of fire.
Me: is that true, sis?
Kojek : it’s time for sahur. Maybe satan and jinn will soon be shackled again.
Cak noval : yes jek, that’s for sure.
Then the mystical air around the mosque disappeared and we immediately went around the village to wake people up for sahur.


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