Razer Inc. Prepare 36 Billion Investment Funds to Malaysia, How about Indonesia?

Company gaming hardware largest in the world, Razer Incorporation confirmed that it would spend 10 billion ringgit or the equivalent of 35.9 billion rupiah to develop the realm of esports in Malaysia.

This news came initially from the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora) Malaysia, Syed Saddiq which outlines the expenditure budget for the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Of the 10 points outlined, esports is included in the budget list.

Malaysia will personally invest 36 billion Rupiah in Esports. Source: @SyedSaddiq.

“With this, I would like to invite all industry players out there to invest in Indonesia,” explained Syed Saddiq on his Twitter account.

In such a short time, Razer CEO, Min-Liang Tan replied to a tweet from the Sports Youth Minister.

The contents of the reply contained Min-Liang’s intention to invest in Malaysia for 10 billion ringgit or thereabouts 36 billion rupiah. This investment makes Malaysia’s total esports investment worthwhile 73.8 billion Rupiah!

This man from Singapore will take part in the development of Malaysian esports. Source: Razer.

At a glance Min-Liang Tan, he is the CEO and Co-founder of the company Razer Inc. This 1977-born man was born in Singapore, but now he lives in California, United States. Noted, his current wealth reaches US $ 690 million or thereabouts 10 trillion rupiah!.

Received the title of “Top 10 Most Influential Leaders in Tech” in 2015. Source: Forbes.

On another occasion on his official Facebook page, he said he would seriously invest everything in Malaysia in 2019.

“We will sponsor teams, tournaments, invest in facilities, and much more in 2019. I look forward to taking esports to a higher level in 2019,” said Min-Liang on his Facebook page.


Of course, with the news of Razer investing in Malaysia, the esports community in Malaysia is having fun. Because you could say that recently the esports scenario in Malaysia has not been shining.

One of the comments came from the Malaysian esports figure, Wanro “Wanr0” Syazwan. It says that this is’engine start ‘ on a mission to advance Malaysian esports. More to come for the development of Malaysian esports.

Malaysia Already, Then When Is Indonesia’s Turn?

Maybe this word will come to the minds of Indonesian esports people. If Razer has entered the realm of Malaysian esports, how are you doing in Indonesia?

Razer’s work in Indonesia does not shine like in other countries. When compared to Logitech, or SteelSeries, Razer is less upbeat in spreading brand in Indonesia.

But if we turn to brand others, there are already many who are interested in the realm of Indonesian esports. Call it EVOS, which in 2016 was funded by outside investors, YSS Capital. Or the Salim Group which invests through ESL Indonesia.

The last time Razer sponsored an esports team, it came from Bigetron Esports. But in a short time, Razer no longer adorned the jersey of the team bearing the robot logo.

razer esports investment malaysia
Razer sponsors the Bigetron team. Source: Bigetron Esports

Of course the future of esports in Indonesia will remain bright in the next few years. The strength of esports in Indonesia is proven by holding it MSC 2018 excited, and SEACA 2018 which was held a while ago.

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Congratulations to Malaysia on getting a big investment from Razer. Let’s wait for the next esports surprise in Indonesia ?

Edited by Yubian A. Huda

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