Ramadan event from PUBG Mobile 2020, Free iPhone 11 Pro!

The problem of entertaining the players’ hearts, PUBG Mobile will definitely never run out of ideas to entertain players with the interesting events they make. Starting from celebrating Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Christmas, until now PUBG Mobile is holding an event to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan in 2020.

Even PUBG Mobile also gives gifts that resemble ketupat which is a typical Indonesian food during the holy month of Ramadan like this. Other prizes that were given also varied, and the skins given were made specifically for this event.

This can only be obtained on the specified event date. The Ramadan event at PUBG Mobile has a green theme, so you will definitely remember the ketupat right away if you see the colors from this event!

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What prizes will be given at the Ramadan event at PUBG Mobile in 2020? Check out the explanation below!

Skin Jayden Mystery

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PUBG Mobile released a special skin set for female characters that makes anyone who uses it look beautiful, brave, but still luxurious. This skin is called Jade Mystery, only available during this holy month of Ramadan! You can buy it to get it permanently with UC around the 1500s.

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Other Gifts

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In addition to the Jade Mystery skin set, PUBG Mobile also holds events that can give you real prizes such as iPhones and Airpods! Maybe not all players can get other prizes such as Neon Punk skin, Fairy Elephant Backpack for 10 days and Lanterns, Dune Speedster skin for 1 day and Ketupat Backpack and Rhombus Parachute for 5 days.

Of course, you can get these prizes by completing certain missions.

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Tutorial on Participating in Events

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To get the prizes is not a difficult way. You only need to follow the steps as in the image above. First, you only need to log into the game as often as possible to do the daily missions that are given.

You can also take the chance to shake to get unique prizes. If you’re lucky, you can win the iPhone 11 Pro and other extra prizes.

There are some players who say that when buying a Jade Mystery skin they will get a UC cashback of 200UC, not bad for unlocking other premium crates!

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Based on our explanation above, which Ramadan event prize do you like the most? Happy fasting, and thank you for listening!

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