Raising New eSports Talents at FIRST WARRIORS Jabodetabek!

PT Link Net Tbk (LINK), with brand First Media, the leader in the supply industry Cable TV and Fixed Broadband Cable Internet in Indonesia, finally completed a series of qualifications offline and on line from the first eSports audition in Indonesia, FIRST WARRIORS, in order to screen young gamers’ talents to go to the Grand Final of the Audition in Jakarta!

After undergoing qualifications in major cities in Indonesia, namely Field, Surabaya, Bandung, and online allowance (Batam & Semarang), as well as the latter in the regions of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi (Jabodetabek), now there are 48 of the best talents of Free Fire gamers, from the number of participants who reached more than 13,000 people with more than 100 matches.

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A total of 16 participants who obtained ‘Golden Ticket‘moment FIRST WARRIORS Jabodetabek, at Atrium 3, Lippo Mall Puri, has fulfilled the quota of players to participate in the debriefing period (eSports quarantine) and the final selection process in Jakarta, mid-October, before starting to pursue a professional career with the eSports team made by First Media, First Raiders!

“Esports can no longer be ignored, the development of eSports has grown so rapidly with so many talents emerging, so we want to be part of the ecosystem,” said Victor Indajang., as Deputy CEO of PT Link Net Tbk, who officially opened the FIRST WARRIORS event in Jabodetabek, Sunday (6/10). “To support it, based on the competition that has been carried out, we will quarantine and audition the talented gamers to become the winner of the best team in the Grand Final, and join the First Raiders.”

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Also present to express his opinion are Duo KULGAR, in his capacity as a judge and mentor at the FIRST WARRIORS Grand Final later. Good Ari as well as Rido describes some of the participant’s assessment criteria before developing them in the eSports team.

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“In my opinion, these FIRST WARRIORS hmm really cool huh. One of the originators of the eSports audition, where the participants are really monitored from the start and then guided to become a pro player, or the term from zero to hero, “Said Ari ‘KULGAR‘Kriswanto. “There is such a thing mentoring continue the assessment, and according to me it is hmm It’s really good because gamers can achieve their dream to join the eSports team. “

The two continued to add that the assessment criteria were divided into two categories, namely ordinary and extraordinary assessments. Obviously, ordinary judgments will focus more on aspects skill players who are initially more individualistic and will be directed to show their side teamwork and figure leadership.

“For me it is even unique, because there have never been many Free Fire tournaments that qualify one on one like this,” he said. Rido ‘KULGAR‘Odiri. “What is certain is very tight, because all the participants want to be pro players!”

In closing, KULGAR hopes that the participants who pass the qualifications will continue to hone skill respectively and are not lulled by victory. Be like a rice that is getting taller, even more bowing, in the sense of being constantly introspective and forging his abilities so that he can make achievements both on the national and international levels.

FIRST WARRIORS in Jabodetabek: Fierce & Rampant Entertainment!

As a final opportunity for Free Fire gamers to achieve ‘Golden Ticket‘towards the Grand Final in Jakarta, then a series of matches, wave for the sake of wave, it was fierce! Moreover, this time, especially the qualifications in Jabodetabek, will be filtered 16 best talents, Play For Greatness !!!

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You can watch all FIRST WARRIOS matches via the YouTube channel First Warriors Indonesia. The following are the names of the winners’Golden Ticket‘from FIRST WARRIOS Jabodetabek regional:

1. AlfiyanRohmat
2. arungsamuderaa
3. Ervinpurba
4. FORGETyou
5. Difalesmana 1
6. PBMDiwanOWL
7. Sandhyrizki
8. Ganisreza
9. Superior007
10. Indra181001
11. Nananano
12. Guardian
13. Jayawinner 29
14. Didi29
15. Ashepach 72
16. Trotoy

Not only was it fierce in the match, the atmosphere of the venue was also more lively with various entertainment programs such as Percussion, mini-games, parades & shows Cosplayer, then closed band performance. Including a number booth Jabodetabek area community, such as Ikamil, OGRE, BNHA, and Japan Matsuri.

In fact, the event Cosplay Competition enjoyed, not only by gamers at the venue FIRST WARRIORS, but also a lot of visitors on Lippo Puri Mall, which packed the venue area from three floors at once.

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Towards the FIRST WARRIORS Grand Final, For the Dream of Pro Gamers!

It was clear how enthusiastic the gamers were Free Fire participated in the first eSports audition event in Indonesia, because they craved the opportunity to pursue a professional career together First Raiders, and receive debriefing materials by experts in the Indonesian eSports industry.

Finalist auditions will take place at High Ground Cafe, PIK, Jakarta, date 15 – 26 October 2019. The Grand Final takes place at Taman Anggrek Mall, Jakarta, date October 27, 2019 and presenting the jury, that is SKYLA, Captain Liong, Meri Olivia, and Kulgar (duo).

Not only providing total prizes worth IDR 1.3 billion, The Grand Final of FIRST WARRIORS is ready a Renault car for degree holders MVP (Most Valuable Player). Also includes an exclusive contract as Official Esports Team from First Raiders, which many gamers crave, of course.

First Media

In organizing this competition, First Media in collaboration with Yamisok, Garena Indonesia, IESPA, and the main sponsor Renault Indonesia, as well as other sponsors: Optik Melawai, D-Link, Lippo Malls, Ultra Milk, Adem Sari Chingku, Caffino, Pizza Hut, Crystalline, as well as media partners.

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