Pyro Klee Genshin Impact characters

Genshin Impact will update and change the banner to replace the new character. After the character banner is finished, the character that will rate up is different. Some of the characters in genshin impact you can use, but still not in the wish list. Here we will discuss about the character in genshin impact.

The pyro character is not much in genshin impact, and the only one who uses the catalyst is klee. You can try this character when doing Jean’s story quest at adventure rank 36. Later, you can try one of the pyro characters who use catalyst klee. This character is not yet in gacha, and will most likely be available as a promotional character and has a higher rate.

After the venti banner is finished, a new banner will come out. The rate up character will of course be different. The klee character is currently not present at the gacha. However, it turns out that most likely it will appear in the banner character and can be obtained through gacha or wish. This character is also very strong as a dps, because it has high damage over a large area.

The pyro klee character in genshin impact has unique skills and bomb attacks. This one character also has strong skills, which can be seen below:

  1. Pyro Klee characters
  2. Klee skill
    • Kaboom!
    • Jumpty Dumpty
    • Spark ‘n’ Splash

This has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. Maybe this character will appear in the next banner.

Here we will provide information about the Pyro Klee Character in Genshin Impact. This one character will probably come out as a promo character and have the rate get it increased.

Pyro Klee Characters in Genshin Impact

Pyro Klee Characters in Genshin Impact

Klee is a catalyst user pyro character as a 5 star character. This character seems to be coming out as a dps main player, or a support because he has strong skills to attack many enemies. As you know, there are not many pyro characters that you can find in genshin impact. If you have 2 pyro characters on your team, you will also get an additional 25% damage.

Klee skill


Pyro Klee Characters in Genshin Impact

(Normal Attack)

Klee throws the bomb 3 times which will inflict AoE Pyro damage. You can also use the bomb to destroy rocks or enemy shields.

(Charged Attack)

By using stamin, Klee will launch a large bomb towards the enemy for a certain time.

Jumpty Dumpty

(Elemental Skill)

Klee throws a bomb that will bounce 3 times. Each pantualnnya will cause an explosion and give Pyro AoE damage.

On the 3rd bounce, the bomb’s explosion will produce a small bomb that will inflict damage on enemies who step on it. Of course this will give Pyro damage too.

This Klee skill can be saved 2 times.

Spark ‘n’ Splash

(Elemental Burst)

Klee will call Spark ‘n’ Splash to help him attack the enemy. Attack from Spark ‘n’ Spalsh Deals AoE Pyro damage on every klee attack on the enemy.

The klee attack is explosive, so you can use it to destroy rocks. You can also destroy shields easily, and burn them with pyro damage. Klee’s Elemental Burst can also deal additional damage to enemies, which can cause crit as well.

That’s the info about the Pyro Klee Character in Genshin Impact, on the upcoming banner. This one character looks very strong, especially because of pyro, you can make a pyro team and add team atk.

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