Pumpkin Boy FF Hackloween Store Free Fire Bundle

It turns out that the latest Pumpkin Boy FF Bundle is now available at the Free Fire Hacker Store too. Surely this is a pretty good piece of information for us to know now. Because what we know is the bundle, it is the most unique thing to get now. Of course, later on, you will feel more like you have the opportunity to get it.

We certainly know that there are quite a lot of events currently present. Of course you also need to see all of that and know the Latest Free Fire Diwali Calendar Event which was present yesterday. This might also be present on the Indonesian server, but there is no further news if it will fully reappear.

This leak update needs to be known, so we will provide information that can get you ready. See the explanation directly in the article below now.

Pumpkin Boy Bundle Comes to Hacker Store Free Fire

Yesterday we had many new events and surely they will be the most interesting events to date. Especially if you participated in one of the events yesterday, maybe you know the event in Triple Combo Free Fire that appeared yesterday. Maybe all the prizes that are present at these events will bring benefits to us.

But one part of the bundle, also known as Pumpkin Boy, finally entered the Hacker Store as well. Although there has been no further confirmation about something like this, what we need to see is the event. Prizes can be him, but the latest event can be a proof that there is a second chance for all of us later.

Hackloween FF!

So in this hacker store we have to first select some prizes from the Main and second sections. Of course the prizes that were present at this event too, must have brought a lot of benefits for us to try. Especially if you have chosen the 2 main prizes, then you will immediately be able to do the Spin that will be presented at the event later.

Then for Spin fees, definitely use Diamond, so you don’t miss this opportunity either. Because indeed from there the event that is present, definitely brings a lot of advantages for us to try. Especially from other Halloween events. You could say that this is still a part of Halloween, which is in progress in the Free Fire game.


So try to be ready, and also try this event if for example it becomes a part of a second chance for players to experience. Participating and trying all events, will have a good impact on all of us. Because from there there are a lot of total prizes that we can get too.

By knowing that the HackerStore Event will return with that bundle, then we just need to prepare ourselves from now on. Who knows the event from Triple Combo runs out, then you can immediately Spin to get a Pumpkin boy bundle who is present too.

You can also read the Top Up Evil Pumpkin Free Fire Event, where the prizes who attended brought the Pumpkin Lady bundle. With the presence of these 2 cool prizes, we will look even cooler when competing and fighting the enemies who are present later.

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