PUBG Mobile Thin Wall, Important For You To Understand

With the successful Karakin map on PUBG PC, of ​​course in the Mobile version this will repeat itself. But for those of you who don’t know about this mechanic, try to understand the PUBG Mobile thin wall in the Karakin map.

For the Karakin map, this is somewhat different from other maps. Compared to other maps, Karakin is relatively small. This makes this map perfect for skirmishes and ongoing wars.

But like a small map problem, if it’s too clutter, then movement and mobility will of course be hampered. So, that’s why there is a thin wall that can help you open rotation.

With the thin wall, of course, many interesting things can happen. The most important thing is rotation and mind games which can be very important. For a compact team, this is very dangerous.

PUBG Mobile Thin Wall

Coming to update 1.3, many features are available on PUBG Mobile. But of all that the most interesting thing is this thin wall which can provide a lot of unique and exciting gameplay.

Now, different from other walls, this thin wall, as the name implies, is thinner. Then what’s the difference with other thick walls? Yes, you can destroy this wall and make lots of interesting plays.

For example doing flanks, making rotations, trying to wallbang and getting in, among other things. You can take advantage of this with a million potential which can certainly be useful. Especially for a compact team.

Playing in a compact squad with a thin wall can be useful. You can add information as well as smoother movements. Of course, its use depends on your game style later.

You can distinguish the thin wall from the model. For the thin wall itself, the wall is like an unfinished wall. It’s a little crushed and it looks striking bricks, you won’t miss it for sure.

Now you can destroy this wall by giving enough damage. Generally you will try to shoot at it, but keep in mind that this wall is not easily destroyed, huh.

So the most common strategy is to use two weapons. The only thing is to destroy the wall, then replace the weapons which can be used for rushing later.

You can also ask your team to help destroy this wall. This way the walls will be destroyed faster and you can rush faster. Communication will be very important.

But the opposite also applies, you can be inconvenient because of this feature. With the thin wall, it means that you have to maintain an increased angle. This way, your game will no longer be monotone.

That’s the PUBG Mobile thin wall feature that will come in update 1.3. On the Karakin Map, of course this map will be even more exciting. You shouldn’t miss a map that is suitable for continuing this war.

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