PUBG Mobile Releases the Latest Anti Cheat System!

PUBG Mobile is a popular battle royale game with tens of millions of players. The number of cheaters in this game makes the game no longer fun. PUBG Mobile is releasing its newest anti-cheat system again.

As a popular battle royale game today, PUBG Mobile is often infiltrated by cheaters who make the game run unhealthy. Lots of cheats are provided by cheat service providers for this game.

PUBG Mobile is very serious about eradicating these cheaters by banning accounts caught using cheats. In addition, precautionary measures are taken by activating the anti-cheat system so that cheaters cannot use cheats in the game.

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PUBG Mobile released the latest anti-cheat system. Here’s more info.

Anti Cheat System for Spectate Mode

This spectate mode cheat is useful for knowing the position of other players in the match arena. Different from other cheats where you only need to use one cellphone to run the cheat, this time you need two cellphones.

The first cellphone is in charge of playing as usual, while the second cellphone is in charge of stalking the enemy through certain applications. Through the use of this second cellphone, players can easily find out the position of other players by adding the x-ray vision plugin.

This makes it so troublesome to use this cheat to make cheaters safer because it is difficult to detect. But don’t worry, because PUBG Mobile, which is so serious about getting rid of cheaters, has developed a new anti-cheat system to deactivate surveillance cheats like that.

The way the new anti-cheat system works is by looking for suspicious activity on the server receiving battle data, then processing it and sending it to other clients. The data transfer is because Spectate Mode requires two cellphones. Data transfer occurs between the two cellphones.

By seeing suspicious activity on the server, the PUBG Mobile team can find out that Spectate Mode has been activated by certain players. By tracking where and where the battle data has moved, PUBG Mobile can find out the accounts involved in it.

For further processing, PUBG Mobile will ban or block the accounts involved to provide a deterrent effect on the perpetrator and warn other players who want to try to cheat.

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That’s the latest anti-cheat system developed by PUBG Mobile. With this action, of course PUBG Mobile is trying to present a healthy game for its players as well as to strengthen the game’s security system. Thank you!

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