PUBG Mobile QBZ Weapon Tips, 5.56mm Bullet Version Groza?

PUBG Mobile has various types of weapons, one of which is an AR weapon or Assault Rifle. AR weapons themselves have various names, for example, such as M416, AKM, SCAR-L, Groza, and QBZ. Well, this time there are PUBG Mobile QBZ Weapon Tips that you can use.

QBZ itself is an AR weapon that uses 5.56mm bullets, or bullets that are used the same as in the favorite weapon of PUBG Mobile players, namely M416. QBZ itself is a special weapon, starting from its characteristics to its special availability.

QBZ is often touted as Groza’s twin but with green bullets, this is due to its fast fire rate. Of course this will be easy to kill enemies at close range using this QBZ weapon.

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For those of you who are curious about tips on using QBZ weapons in PUBG Mobile, let’s see the explanation below!

PUBG Mobile QBZ Weapon Tips

Shooting Range

In accordance with the type, namely AR or Assault Rifle, this weapon will certainly be more effective when used for combat at medium distances.

However, its fast fire rate makes it one of the AR weapons capable of competing with SMG’s expertise in close combat.

If you prefer to fight at close range but want a weapon that can also be used for medium range, then QBZ is the answer to the weapon you are dreaming of.

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This weapon is very special, its presence replaces SCAR-L as a loyal friend of the M416. You can only find QBZ on a map with a shady forest, namely Sanhok, its presence in replacing SCAR-L was truly and not disappointing.

Sanhok is a small map so you will often close combat on this map, and QBZ is able to face every close combat that you will face.

Sanhok is the map with the largest percentage of weapon distribution when compared to Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, and even Livik. This is the reason that QBZ is a weapon that is very easy to find in the Sanhok map weapon distribution.

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Nothing is different from the QBZ and M416 attachments slot except for the slot for Tactical Stock.

However, this weapon has a long reloading time if you compare it to the M416, so the first thing we recommend is to use Quickdraw Magazine for the Mag slot.

If you want to use this weapon as a close combat tool, we prefer to use the Muzzle Suppressor to reduce the noise of the gunshots. Don’t forget the Vertical Foregrip to increase its stability when shooting.

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Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you understand how to use QBZ properly and correctly on PUBG Mobile. Thank you for listening!


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