PUBG Mobile Map Erangel 2020’s Strongest Weapon

This time there is the PUBG Mobile Map Erangel 2020 Strongest Weapon, you have to boot. As you know, Erangel is the first and favorite map of many people in PUBG. As a simple and balanced map, Erangel certainly has the best weapon which is very suitable for use here.

Erangel is a map that is not too wide, this map also does not have many shelters. The high bushes and grass will certainly make you extra careful in the late game.

Here we will provide some weapons that are very suitable in Erangel. Some of these weapons are easy to find, and some only appear in the supply drop. If you are curious, let’s see what weapons are suitable in the Erangel map.


This weapon is quite easy to find in the Erangel map making it very widely used. These weapon attachments are also scattered all over the map. The M416 has a full attachment slot making it very useful in any situation. With full attachments, the M416 is a versatile weapon.

PUBG Mobile Map Erangel 2020 AKM’s Strongest Weapon

PUBG Mobile Map Erangel 2020's Strongest Weapon

Having a very high base damage and pretty good accuracy makes AKM good in Erangel, which often plays at medium range. AKM is also easy to find because of the Erangel loot which makes it so widely used.

AKM with a medium scope like 4x is very effective on Erangel who plays at medium range. Has a high enough damage also makes it very strong to use.


The strongest and sickest sniper PUBG Mobile 2020

AWM is the strongest weapon in PUBG, of course it is very strong too in this map. As a sniper rifle, AWM is very strong in Erangel which takes advantage of high areas to wait for the enemy. The abundance of evidence in Erangel is very helpful for snipers.

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With a scope as far as 6x or 8x AWM, it can help your victory very easily. Can kill an enemy with just one bullet, shooting enemies from the hill is feared by many people in Erangel.

AUG, the Strongest Weapon of PUBG Mobile Map Erangel 2020

Think of this weapon as an upgraded version of the M416. With RoF and high damage and easy-to-adjust recoil, playing on Erangel using AUG is very helpful.

AUG can only be found from a supply drop, making it quite rare. Anyone who finds PUBG Mobile AUG’s Strongest Weapon will definitely have a higher chance of winning.


The strongest PUBG Mobile Groza weapon has high accuracy and damage with recoil which is a bit difficult to control, but this weapon is very strong. Being able to kill enemies easily, Groza should be feared by many people. Only found from supply drop weapons makes Groza quite rare in this game. But it’s all worth it if you get it.

With these weapons you have the possibility to win in the battle on the Erangel 2020 map. So, make sure you have the strongest and best weapon!

Those are some of the weapons in PUBG that are very strong to use in Erangel. This map, which greatly strengthens the medium-range game, is a favorite of many people because the map is so balanced. If you want to get chicken easily, use these weapons.

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