PSG Expands into Southeast Asian Esports with Rex Regum Qeon!

Apparently, surprising and proud news came. One of the foremost and veteran esports teams from Indonesia, Rex Regum Qeon maintains an interesting collaboration.

How could it not be, the team nicknamed “King of Kings” has just formed a partnership with Paris Saint-Germain.

At a press conference in Jakarta on February 8, 2019, PSG officially announced their collaboration with Rex Regum Qeon. This cooperation is division specific Mobile Legends only.

Source: PSG RRQ

In the press conference, PSG was represented by Yassine Jaada as PSG’s Chief Gaming Officer.

“With 43 million active players Mobile Legends half of which come from Indonesia. Our presence in this game is normal.

PSG is aiming for the best and we are pleased to announce our partnership with the leading esports team, Rex Regum Qeon. We will go directly to the MPL Season 3 event in Indonesia.

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The event which starts on February 16, 2019 and with the quality of our team, of course we are ready to be the first. ” He concluded.

Game Mobile Legends itself is one game mobile most popular in Southeast Asia, competing with Arena of Valor.

They have three leagues in each region, including the Philippines, Indonesia and the Malaysia-Singapore combination.

Every ligament carries prizepool for US $ 100,000 with titles that run for 6 Weeks.

Rex Regum Qeon also announced their high enthusiasm through the CEO, Andrian Pauline. “The Rex Regum Qeon team is very proud and honored with this collaboration.

PSG is one brand most prestigious in the world. This is also good for the realm of Indonesian esports, and I hope we can bring good results for PSG fans and of course RRQ fans.

psg rrq mobile legends
Source: PSG RRQ

PSG always find and select the best talent, they prove this by attracting the best football talents like Neymar and Mbappe into their team. They just want to work with the best people. ” Close the CEO.

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PSG’s presence in the realm of esports is not the first time. Besides Mobile Legends, they also have players in other esports divisions, namely Dota 2, FIFA, FIFA Online and Rocket League.

With teamwork Mobile Legends from RRQ signifies the fifth division of the PSG Esports team.

Source: MPL Season 2 – RevivalTV

Rex Regum Qeon itself won the MPL Season 2. In addition, Lemon and his friends are a fairly solid lineup of players who produce the best games.

Can RRQ perform satisfactorily after collaborating with PSG Esports? Let’s watch it live at the MPL Season 3 on February 16, 2019.

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