Pro ML Ways to Become Top Local Hero Mobile Legends, So Easy!

Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that has a ranking or tier that you can try, in the mobile legends feature there is a name for Top Local or Top Global Mobile Legends. Then, what are top local mobile legends? and how to become the top local mobile legends?

Both Top Local and Top Global Mobile Legends, you can compete with other Mobile Legends players to get this ranking. Now for those of you who want to be in the top local ranks in Mobile Legends, you must consider the following tips.

This time, some Mobile Legends tips on how to become Top Local heroes, this method is perfect for those of you who want to have a nick or designation that can be familiar to other people, or more clearly famous by other Mobile Legends players.

How to become a top local hero on mobile legensd is quite easy. You can see the method below:

  1. Create a new account
  2. Use only one hero
  3. Push Rank
  4. Always win
  5. Play with friends or squad

This has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. In the above method, you can become a top local hero on mobile legends.

How to Become a Top Local Hero in Mobile Legends

This time there are several ways to become Top Local Mobile Legends heroes easily and quickly, even with just a few days of playing.

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Create New Account

The first time you can do is to create a new account, this method is quite effective. This is because if you use the main account, it will be quite difficult for you to push in Mobile Legends.

Therefore, to make it easier to play, create a new account with and push rank from warrior to Epic rank. Well, usually you can get Top Local in Mobile Legends.

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Use One Hero Only

So that you can play quickly to become the top local in Mobile Legends, you can play with only one hero. This method is arguably quite effective because the hero will easily become Top Local in Mobile Legends.

Play the hero you like the most, and play on Rank Match, either solo or playing as a team.

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Perform Season End Push Rank

Why the end of the season? Because you can get more MMR when playing at the end of the season, the reason is because when you reach the epic rank on the new account, Moonton will reset Rank and make your account return to GM.

Now there you can get extra MMR because doing push rank on GM to EPiC is quite easy, rather than from Epic and above.

Always win

When doing push rank, make sure you always win and don’t lose. There is an MMR calculation that you can read here.

By always winning, you can get MMR quickly without any slack. Always try to Winstreak by using one hero. This allows you to quickly step forward to become Top Local or even Top Global!

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Play with Friends or Squad

Playing together with friends will add to your winning presentation, therefore, you can easily reach Top Local quickly.

Make sure your friends can also play well, or invite them to become Top Local too so that you can benefit each other.

So that’s how to quickly become Top Local in Mobile Legends. Now, do you want to start trying to become Top Local? or even Top Global?

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