Prize Pool Skin Epic Limited at the Diamond Vault Event Mobile Legends (ML)

With the return of the diamond vault event in Mobile Legends, Moonton the developer of this game will provide a great opportunity for those of you who want to get epic limited skins through the Diamond Vault Mobile Legends draw event in the shop. The epic limited skin prize pool for the Diamond Vault Draw Event is also very interesting. On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the epic limited skin prize pool for the Diamond Vault Mobile Legends Draw Event.

There is capital that you need to prepare, the capital is Diamond Mobile Legends with a large amount. You can use the diamond to draw at this event.

Guinevere – Lady Crane

The Lady Crane is one of the epic limited skins from the hero Guinevere who has a very good appearance. The skill animation effect produced from this ski is also quite cool.

Hayabusa – Shadow of Obscurity

You can also get Hayabusa’s shadow of obscurity skin here. You only need to provide diamonds to draw to get it. The appearance of the Shadow of Obscurity skin is very cool.

Gatotkaca – Sentinel

This Sentinel skin has a very cool visual appearance where Gatotkaca is transformed into a robot from the future.

Hanabi – Rakshesha

This epic limited skin at the diamond vault event this time. You can use diamonds to draw if you want to get Rakshesa skin.

Uranus – Video Game Dominator

This limited epic skin. Added as a prize pool at the Diamond Vault Mobile Legends draw event.

Lunox – Butterfly Seraphim

Epic limited skin, this skin is present at the prize pool event draw diamond vault Mobile Legends.

that’s the explanation of the epic skin prize pool limited to the Diamond Vault Mobile Legends Draw Event that Esportsku has been discussed.

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