Precognitive Dream Clarification Dreams Come True

What is precognitive dreaming? Precognitive dream is a condition where a person’s dream will come true in the next century. In other words, a precognitive dream is a dream that provides information about what will happen in the future. Is this true or just a coincidence? then how can this happen?

I want to share a little experience regarding this issue, at that time I applied for a job in a private company and a few days before the location was determined, I always thought about it. A little anxious and worried if my work location is far from home or in a conflict-prone place.

Then one night I dreamed that I was already working and the location of my work was very familiar, I often passed the building environment around it and when I got up from sleep I remembered that it was not far from where I live.

When the day of location placement arrived, it turned out that what I experienced really came true, I was placed in the area according to the dream I had. It’s a bit miraculous and I had time to talk to old people about it. Believe it or not, about the story above, to be honest, I still wonder when I remember the dream. Of course the ability of the sixth sense or other senses is not in me.

It turns out that many people experience dreams that come true as a pattern there are some great people in history who have experienced precognitive dreams, for example Abraham Lincoln who dreamed of a funeral in the white house, two weeks before his assassination. When he asked someone in a dream who was in the coffin, he replied “president of the united states”.

Popular novelist Mark Twain had a dream about his brother’s death a week later.

One more pattern regarding precognitive is when the sinking of the titanic ship. After the fateful incident occurred there were many reports of the cancellation of their trip because they dreamed of a sinking ship, there were many who correctly interpreted their dreams but also some who ignored them.

Then how can it be and is precognitive dreaming positive or just a coincidence?

Dreams that tend to signify information about what will happen in the future are images of expressions of deepest feelings. These feelings are information collected by a person’s subconscious.

If we do not share what we feel with others, the pressure that arises will be released through dreams.

Through my fairy tale above, it turns out that it is not something supernatural but the result of subconscious pressure that wants to explain what are the possibilities that happen. In accordance with probability theory which explains that news that describes an upcoming incident is a form of self-anticipation. Then how the dreams experienced are able to match the conditions in the actual world.

From the story above, the probability that I will be placed close to home has a greater percentage than the probability that I will be placed away from home because from what I know, usually the company will place employees to work according to the region or address on the identity card, but it is possible that they will be placed not according to the region. .

Then what about the environmental image in the dream I had? it happened like what I mentioned earlier. is the collection of subconscious information. Because I often go through it indirectly, the subconscious records information about it, it seems that the dreams that appear are dreams with the most common conditions.

What about people with precognitive abilities?

There are many people who claim to see certain events after appearing in their dreams. Although it has nothing to do with the incident at all. Regarding that, please believe it or not, but what is certain is that humans are spiritual beings, which even if we study it there are many things that are scientifically difficult to understand. There is no science that can explain how to capture the spirit or where it comes from.

From there it was clear that there were things that could happen by chance or it was a plan. It is better for us to be wise about precognitive dreams by not ignoring it but seeing it as a warning to be more introspective.

Have you ever had a dream come true or a precognitive dream? let’s share in the comments column.

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