PMPL ID Season 2 Weekly Standings, Boom Boom Boom!

PMPL ID Season 2 2020 has ended its second week yesterday. There are a lot of surprises happening in the matches of the second week. In this article, we will provide information about the weekly standings from PMPL ID Season 2 as well as the results of the overall standings for this tournament.

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Season 2 Indonesia is attended by 24 of the best PUBG Mobile Indonesia teams at this time. In the first week of last week, Bigetron RA managed to become the champion. After the team reshuffle, the competition in the penultimate week was even more exciting to watch.

On the second day yesterday, BIgetron was leveled twice by teams considered to be underdogs but having no less deadly skills. On the third day as the determining day for the weekly standings for PMPL ID Season 2, there was also a surprise.

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Match for the second week of the third day of PMPL ID Season 2

The first match on the third day started from Sanhok with Boom Esports as the champion. They managed to get WWCD with 4 kills! This is Boom’s good start for today’s matchday three.

The second match at Erangel, the world champion who was leveled yesterday got up and won the match with 17 kills! An astonishing play by Bigetron Red Aliens. Even the slogan “All will be BTR in time!” also appeared again among PUBG Mobile esports lovers yesterday when they learned of the results of this second match.

Next is Geek who managed to get WWCD in the third match at Miramar with 10 kills. In the fourth match at Erangel, Dranix team managed to get WWCD with 15 kills! Great results to raise its position to third place in the PMPL ID Season 2 standings.

Furthermore, the match on the third day was made into Boom Boom Boom because the match at Miramar was successfully won back by Boom with 9 kills. Finally, in the sixth match which took place at Vikendi, Aura Esports also showed off by getting WWCD with a total of 8 kills.

Sunday 2 standings PMPL ID Season 2

With the end of the match on the third day, the match in the second week of PMPL ID Season 2 will end. Boom, who managed to get WWCD twice in the match on the third day of the second week, immediately shot up to first place in the weekly standings. The total points collected by Boom this week amounted to 139 points. In this way Boom managed to bring home a weekly prize of 1500 USD.

The next one who was not less impressive in this second week’s match was RRQ Ryu who managed to occupy second place in the weekly standings of PMPL ID Season 2. This team collected 129 points and was entitled to take home a prize of 1250 USD. In the third position that has played well since the first week, there is ION Esports with a total of 128 points who received a prize of 1000 USD.

Overall Standings for PMPL ID Season 2

Bigetron RA also had to settle for eighth position in this second week. Their game in this second week is not optimal. Even so, in the overall standings of PMPL ID, Bigetron RA still leads the standings with a total of 283 points. The point system using the number of kills is indeed very profitable because BTR RA managed to collect 137 kills during the two-week match of PMPL ID Season 2.

In second place is ION Esports, which since the first week has always overshadowed Bigetron RA and has a great opportunity to overtake. ION Esports managed to collect 281 points, which means that it is only two points different from BTR RA. WWCD ION’s gain was greater than BTR RA’s, but for their total kills, they lagged far behind BTR RA.

Disappointing results also came from Aura Esports. Even though they managed to get WWCD in the last match of this third day, they had to settle for being in position nine this week. The game that was not optimal made Aura Esports fall from third place last week to sixth place this second week.

Above it, which is ranked 3-5, there are teams that have played very well in this second week. Boom and RRQ Ryu who are the two best teams this week are in position 4 and 5 in the overall standings. Meanwhile, Geek Fam ID made it into third place. What’s interesting about this Geek is that it was their first time getting WWCD in the match on the third day of this second week, but because they had a total of 116 kills, they also rose to the top of the standings.

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Those are the results of the 2-week PMPL ID Season 2 matches. This kill-based scoring system makes the competition to the top of the standings even more exciting. Finally, ION Redfacen is still safe in the first position as the player with the most total kills of 47 kills, followed by BTR Zuxxy who played crazy on the third day with 38 kills. Thank you!

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