PMPL ID Season 2 Grand Final Tournament Format

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Season 2 Indonesia this time took place very fiercely from each team that participated in this tournament. Even the tournament that was victorious last season, in Season 2 this did not even have the opportunity to enter the Grand Final match. In line with that, this time we will provide information about the format of the PMPL ID Season 2 Grand Final tournament.

Indonesia is one of the countries with the most PUBG Mobile players. It can be seen from the number of esports teams in this country as well as those who take part in tournaments. In the PMPL ID Season 2 tournament, the best teams that Indonesia currently have met and showed each other their skills.

The Regular Season has passed, leaving the best 16 teams to enter the Grand Final which will be held soon. For you who curious with the format that applies to the Grand Final of PMPL ID Season 2, here are some tips.

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PMPL ID Season 2 Grand Final Tournament Format

PMPL ID Season 2 2020 brings together 24 of the best Indonesian teams. After going through six weeks of the Regular Season filled with competition, 16 big teams advanced to the Grand Final.

The total prize pool or Prizepool for the PMPL ID Season 2 tournament this time is USD 150,000, which is divided into Regular Season and Grand Final. For the team that successfully won the PMPL ID Season 2, a prize of USD 20,000 is prepared.

Not only that, PMPL ID is the starting gate for these teams to continue their action in a more global match, namely the PMPL SEA Finals. There are 3 slots available for teams competing in PMPL ID Season 2.

First, for winners in the Regular Season. This slot has been taken by Bigetron RA. The second and third slots are for the first and second place winners in the Grand Final of PMPL ID Season 2 which will be held on September 25-27.

In addition, the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament to be held later this year, namely PMGC or G-Championship, will also be participated by teams from PMPL ID / and SEA. Bigetron RA has also taken a slot for PMGC. Meanwhile, there are 4 more slots that will be awarded for the Top 4 PMPL SEA Finals later.

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Let’s support our best PUBG Mobile team to win the Grand Final of PMPL ID Season 2 and take their professional PUBG Mobile career to the international level. Thank you!

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