Playing Event with Squad Free Fire at the FFIM Event

Increasingly, the Free Fire game is starting to get busy again being played by many people. It has even been proven that in 2019, the Free Fire game was the best in the Play Store. This is because the game has been played by more than 250 million people, from all over the world.

This game has a fairly well-known Battle Royale game system, there are even many other interesting things that you can find in this game. Garena as the developer of the Free Fire game always presents new and interesting things, so that the players don’t get bored and keep playing this game.

There are also quite a lot of events that are presented in the Free Fire game, so that players can complete various missions and get cool prizes. Yesterday Garena already presented the Free Bundle event, it turned out that this was very welcomed by all of its players.

Because the bundle that was presented yesterday, turns out to have a pretty cool and terrible shape and model. Not a few players also gave many positive comments about the event.

The more crowded a game is, the more Tournaments that will take place. Just like this Free Fire game, Garena has presented many open tournaments for its players. Even ordinary players can play and join in the big tournament.

One of the ongoing Tournaments is Free Fire Indonesia Master Spring 2020. This is a Tournament that brings many famous teams, as well as teams of ordinary players. Where they are, of course, will go through various kinds of selection to reach the peak.

From 14 March 2020 to 15 March 2020, the Tournament will reach the pinnacle of its Tournament.

There will even be many interesting events that you can enjoy at the event.

Now on this occasion we will provide information on the event from the Kulgar Channel.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Squad Play Event

Now this will be an exciting event, because you have to play with the team to get the prize. First you have to play 15 times with the squad, give up to 6000 damage in playing Squad and save or review Squad members 15 times.

Of course this event is quite interesting, because many prizes in the form of Weapon Loot Crate for free can be obtained at this event. Even if you look again, this event is much more exciting.

Where you will play with the Squad, so that you can make the game not become frustrated. Especially when you want to scramble to do Revive, it’s guaranteed that you will definitely fight over Revive so that the mission is complete.

The point is that you shouldn’t miss this event, because the prize you can get is Weapon Loot Crate.

It is reported that this event will soon be present in the Free Fire Indonesia game, so for those of you who can’t wait, this estimate will be around the 9th or 10th. But it could be sooner than we estimate the event will be released.

So, those are some of the events that we can convey on this occasion. How? Are you interested in this event?

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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I prefer to play free fire with friends rather than solo push rank. Because he keeps losing and also likes trolling squad mates

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