Plague Phantom Free Fire Bundle, Spin or FF Code?

For now the Free Fire game is still busy being played by many people, so of course all the updates and events that are given are pretty good and of course very interesting. In the future, the Free Fire game will definitely have many other new events. This time there is a review of the latest Free Fire Phantom plague bundle by rendy rangers that you should know

Currently, the developments in the Free Fire game are indeed quite good and of course very interesting. So all of us will never be bored later, even when playing this Free Fire game for quite a long time.

So all of you will definitely prefer to play this game, because the events and updates are quite good and very interesting. In the future, the Free Fire game will definitely be even better when there are lots of cool events.

At this time also in the Free Fire game, we get many new events which are quite interesting. So for now, the Latest Rampage 2.0 Event is indeed the busiest. So you all want, don’t miss this one event later.

In this event, we were presented with many interesting things, for Luck Royale just now is presenting the cool Plague Phantom Bundle free fire. Apart from that Rendy Range too, has reviewed this bundle and it is very good indeed.

Curious? Immediately, we see, in the article below.

Review Bundle Plague Phantom Free Fire (Ala Rendy Rangers)

This new bundle presented by Garena is indeed quite good and of course interesting to get. Even Randy Rangers said that this Bundle is cool because it has quite different color effects too.

The hair is different from other hair, which for the Phantom Plague bundle is pretty good and very cool. It looks more like the Gusion character in Mobile Legend, according to Rendy Ranger’s opinion on the hair from the Bundle.

As for the Mask Bundle Plague Phantom Free Fire section, he commented a little about this, because for the Mask color it is better to give it another color. Because if we see here the bundle, using a black mask. Where Rendy himself said, if the Black Mask is too ordinary and has often existed.

Bundle With Rampage Free Fire Logo

For the clothes part of the Bundle Plague Phantom Free Fire, it does look cool, Rendy just said that this bundle of clothes is quite cool. The colors given are Black and Green, and on the back there is a cool Green Free Fire Rampage logo. But unfortunately, this Green effect was covered by Tas when competing.

If for example you use this Bundle, surely the enemy will also be easily defeated. Not that the bundle adds stats, but you will be more confident when using this cool bundle. The enemies you will face later, will be even easier in the future.

Especially for now, this bundle has been presented to Luck Royale. So all of you, don’t forget this bundle, because this Bundle looks cool and has been proven to be good when used by Rendy Ranger as well.

Get it with your Diamond

But if in this Spin Plague Phantom, we will be given a completely different Spin Price. Every time you do Spin, the price will continue to rise. If for example you are lucky, then getting this Bundle only needs 1 Spin. But if you are not lucky, then you need quite a lot of diamonds.

Later, all of you will also choose 2 items that you want to get rid of, after that, of course you can immediately Spin later. Especially for now, the bundle that is presented is quite good to use. Try to choose 2 prizes that you don’t like, don’t lose the main prize.

So in spin 1 to 8 Bundle Plague Phantom Free Fire, you will be presented with a total of 699 Diamonds. But if, for example, you want to get the main prize, you really have to need Diamonds up to 1482 Diamonds.

Good luck when doing Spin, because there are already many players who have managed to get this Bundle for only 1 or 2 Spin.

If Garena presents a cool Bundle, try to get it. As it seems, the bundle is cool and won’t disappoint. Although the price is high, but we will not regret it.

That’s all about Free Fire’s latest Plague Phantom bundle that we can say at this time, Thank you and Regards, Booyah.

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