Physical Mobile Legends Wind Nature Active Items

Mobile Legends has many items that can help you strengthen the Hero you are using. The stat is increased, depending on the item you are using. It’s a good idea to buy items that you think match the Hero you are using, because of the stats and skills that these items have. Here we will discuss more about the items in Mobie Legends and the heroes that use these items.

Each item has its own use. Some can increase your attack, and some can increase your defense. Some items also have a passive that you can use. You can’t Stack the passive skill of this item. So, if you use 2 or more of the same items, only 1 passive skill you can get, the rest will be wasted. It’s a good idea to use a variety of items, in order to get a better effect.

This one item is very useful if you use it at the right time. The active skill that this item has, can help you withstand enemy attacks easily. Usually Fighter uses this item, to enter the Team fight and finish off the enemy, as well as to guard themselves well. The item is Wind of Nature. Physical items that have active skills, which can repel physical attacks from other enemies.

Here we will discuss the active items Physical Mobile Legends Wind Nature, which you can try. This item will allow you to withstand enemy attacks easily. The right timing can help you avoid fatal enemy attacks too.

Physical Mobile Legends Wind Nature Active Items

+10 Physical ATK
+ 25% Attack Speed
+ 15% Lifesteal
Active Ability – Wind Chant
Use the active skill of this item to become immune from all physical damage for 2 seconds. This duration will be 1 second if not using the Marksman hero. This skill has a cooldown of 80 seconds.

This item has a good attribute in giving additional Life Steal and ATK Speed. The active skill that this item has is very useful, in avoiding enemy attacks. You will be immune to Physical attacks for 2 seconds, but if you use the Marksman hero for only 1 second. By using it at the right time, you can easily avoid enemy attacks when attacking.


The following is a list of heroes who usually do this item well. You can use this item, to avoid enemy attacks, then attack the enemy again.


New Freya Revamp ML Skill in Mobile Legends 2020

Freya is a melee fighter who requires him to approach the enemy to attack him. By using the Wind of Nature Item, you can fight against many enemies without fear of death. However, maybe you have to be careful with enemy Magic Damage.


Alucard is a Fighter hero who relies on Life Steal. By using Alucard’s Life Steal, you can continue to increase your blood when fighting enemies. By using the Wind of Nature item, you can increase your blood easily when you activate the skill of the item.


Lapu-lapu is a Bruiser who is strong in attacking enemies, because he has skills that can make him attack many enemies. By using Wind of Nature items, you can attack enemies even more easily.

Those are tips about Physical Mobile Legends Wind Nature Active Items, and Heroes who can use them. This item is very strong when used at the right time, to fight heroes who have Physical Attack types. So, this item becomes one of the optional items but has a big impact.

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