Philippines VPN Diamond Tricks And Free Skins Mobile Legends

Diamonds and skins for free Mobile Legends Philippines VPN tricks. Apparently there are more VPN tricks in Mobile Legends that you can use. With this trick you can quickly get free diamonds and skins, just using a VPN. Of course, this violates the rules of Mobile Legends and risks getting banned.

But indeed this illegal method does not deter players who want to find freebies. Even though they have been banned and threatened with being banned, they still do this. Especially where there are always new ways to get lots of free items in Mobile Legends for their respective accounts.

One of the most effective methods is to use a VPN. VPN is indeed used several times in Mobile Legends for various purposes. There are those who use it to play in other regions and get an easy rank, some also get free from events that are limited in one region.

Here, let’s discuss diamonds and free skins for Mobile Legends, Philippines VPN tricks. With this VPN trick, you can try to get free diamonds and skins that are limited in other regions. Of course you can use it on your Mobile Legends account.

Diamonds And Free Skins Mobile Legends Philippines VPN Tricks

With the latest VPN trick method in Mobile Legends, you can get some free prizes. Using a VPN from the Philippines, you can take part in some limited events in that country.

You can do this method using any Mobile Legends account. Either using Google login, Moonton, or whatever. The most important thing is that you have VPN access to the Philippines. By having access to this Philippine VPN, you can take part in events that provide skins and diamonds.

How To Get Free Diamonds And Skins

The way you need to do to get free skins and diamonds in Mobile Legends is quite easy. Just follow the method below, you can immediately get the prizes.

  1. Prepare your VPN that can connect to the Philippines. You can use any VPN as long as you have a connection to the Philippines and turn it on until there is a connection.
  2. Open Mobile Legends as usual, you better log out first and re-login. No need to delete data.
  3. Then you enter the game as usual, if you need to log in, just do it.
  4. Then you go straight to the events tab. In the event tab, you look for an event called Ca $ h Awaits Reward and click.
  5. Later you will be redirected to the Mobile Legends website, here you are asked to fill in several fields such as name, social media, and others.
  6. Actually, this column should only be filled in for female players, but if necessary, just pretend.
  7. Later when the event is over, it will be distributed to the selected account. These accounts will win lots of prizes up to thousands of dollars available.

How to take part in the event is indeed very easy, but yes it’s chancy. For female players, maybe you can try to follow this method because the chances of being selected will be easier than the others.

That’s how to get Diamonds and free skins for Mobile Legends, Philippines VPN tricks. Even though it’s not easy, at least you can take part in this event to get lots of diamonds and skins.

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