PGL Makes CSGO’s New Innovation in Major Offline Qualifier

CSGO’s New Innovation, PGL being named organizer of the next Valve Major tournament in Krakow, has added another great innovation to the CS: GO game during the Major Offline Qualifier match – is that they create an interface that is tailor-made to support what a person needs. the coach during the match in progress between the two teams.

When the coach looks at a special computer screen built to support the interface, the coach is able to see all five points of view (POVs) of the players, and the map as the game progresses. all player interfaces are also made specifically to the display screen by typing a command, namely cl_draw_only_deathnotices (1) so that the interface can be activated, which means that other info is not included for viewing the five angles of the player.

With this tailor-made interface, now, coaches no longer have to go back and forth to see exactly what their players are doing mid-game and what happens in stressful situations. That way, the Team will probably be able to find time to adjust their use of timeout tactics as coaches get multiple screen views to support their tactical play.

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But if you think CSGO’s New Innovation will actually make your opposing team see the screen from the coach’s interface. Do not worry; The two screens are behind the wall that separates the two teams. This way no wild eye can see the screen from the trainer interface. So that the use of the screen is relatively safe from espionage

The addition of the sixth screen from PGL can help the coach to analyze the opponent’s position, time, utility, and how to play even though this cannot be immediately given to players during the match because the coach still cannot talk to players during the match. With the data analyzed by the coach during the match. As a result, the coach can provide useful advice and have a much more effective role in assisting the five players during the timeout.

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