Pet Ottero FF Has Arrived at Shop Free Fire 2020

Free Fire is still a famous game until now, this is because this game has pretty good gameplay. In fact, you could say, Free Fire is presented with a fairly simple graphic or appearance. So of course you potato cellphone players too, can enjoy this game.

This game has a Battle Royale type of game, so of course Free Fire is one of the games that is quite busy to play. For now alone, the total number of players playing the game has reached more than 250 million.

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With that large total, of course you will meet various players in the game. Free Fire was developed directly by Garena, so that the updates and developments that have been present until now are all well preserved.

Garena will continue to present many of the latest updates, so that the players will never be bored. For now too, we have been able to try a variety of Free Fire Characters that are quite unique and good.

And there are also changes to the UMP and MP5 Weapons after the Buff, besides that there is also a comparison of the Kalahari Map and the Purgatory Map in this Free Fire game.

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Garena will also continue to present new pets, so that you can try them out later in the game. That way, of course, the performance when competing is much better than before.

Right now we have a new Pet that is already available in the Shop.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Pet Ottero Has Arrived at the Free Fire Shop

This new pet is finally officially present on the Free Fire server, even now you can get it in the Shop. Ottero is priced at 600 Diamonds, of course this is a pet price that is quite cheap to get.

Even if you look at it, this Pet is quite funny and very cute to accompany you when you compete. Ottero is an otter from Brazil, so for those of you who like beavers, of course you shouldn’t miss this pet.

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If we look also, it turns out that this Ottero Pet is indeed suitable for the Kapella Support Character. The abilities of these two pets also have an effect on the Heal part as well.

Provides Free Fire Energy Points

If the Kapella weapon will give the ability effect to Heal, but if this Ottero Pet will give you Energy Points or EP when you use the Heal item or the Treatment Gun weapon.

Previously, this Pet had a fairly unique ability, where every time you killed it, it would increase your HP by 15 points. Of course this way, Ottero actually looks quite OP and not as cute as he looks.

Finally Garena changes back the ability of this Pet, where he has the ability to Increase Energy Points when using Heal Items.

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So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. How? Are you interested in buying the Pet?

In addition, there are also several dangerous landing locations for beginners in the match. There are even some powerful tips against launching weapons in Free Fire.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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