Paquito Mobile Legends, New Hero for Power Pick Fighter Candidates!

Paquito Mobile Legends – As we know, recently Moonton has presented a new Fighter hero, Paquito, which you can try on the Advanced Server. Besides that, Paquito will become a Fighter power pick in Mobile Legends because they don’t have cooldown on his skills.

Actually, if we think about it, it would be quite strange if there was a hero who didn’t have one cooldown on the skills it uses.

However, this can happen thanks to the passive Champ Stance which can remove the cooldown of all skills and strengthen the next attack when the four stacks are full. These stacks can be easily obtained by exploiting attacks basic attack and when using skills.

paquito mobile legends
Source: Mobile Legends

When it comes to abilities, Paquito has a mechanism similar to Chou’s figure. He relies more on skills to make it easier to collect his stacks.

Even though his passiverefresh cooldown, this ability still has a certain duration, so the passive cannot be used continuously.

The presence of the hero in Mobile Legends indeed including fast, especially since the number of heroes will affect the esports realm with various strategies, including Paquito. The newly released Bernadetta has yet to appear in competitive META, so it’s interesting to see it in the competitive realm.

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So far, there is no further information about when Paquito will appear on the original server. How do you respond to this new hero?

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