Overwatch Competitive Play Mode Can Be Played!

After a week of public testing, Blizzard announced that the Competitive Mode game Overwatch can now be played. The system used has changed significantly when looking at the beta version.

Competitive Play Mode is designed for those who want to hone their skills


Competitive Play provides a more serious playing experience than Quick Play or Weekly Brawl! Mode. This mode can only be played when you reach level 25, this is to ensure that those who play in this mode have an understanding of playing techniques, maps, and heroes.

Once you reach level 25, this mode will be available on the “Play” button on the Main Menu. Like other games, you can choose to play Solo or Party, with a matchmaking system according to their respective skills.


Before getting a skill rating, each player must complete 10 Competitive Play first. Rating ratings are in the form of numbers between 1 – 100, where the higher your number shows the better skill rating.

The skill rating will appear at the start of the match. The factor that increases or decreases in your rating is seen from the wins and losses which are also influenced by your performance and other players in the match.


At the end of each season, the competitive play ranking will be reset. And you have to start from the beginning after two weeks of the previous season, Blizzard hopes that this system can provide an increase in the playing performance of each player.


And the most important thing is the penalty or penalty for those who leave before the game ends. You cannot play if you have not finished the game in progress, if you violate, each player cannot use the Competitive feature for a period of time, and when you escape too many games the penalty is not being able to play Competitive for one season.

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