Overall Standings for PMPL ID Season 2 Week Five Day Two

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Season 2 Indonesia has entered its fifth week. The last two weeks of this match will be held for six consecutive days since two days ago. This time we will provide information about the recap of the match results and the overall standings of PMPL ID Season 2 in the fifth week of the second day that took place yesterday.

Currently, 24 of the best Indonesian PUBG Mobile teams are competing to be the best in the Indonesian region in the PMPL ID Season 2 match.Every week we can see new teams appearing in the weekly standings. In the overall standings there were ups and downs in the rankings, sometimes the changes were too drastic.

The last two weeks of this regular round, namely the fifth and sixth weeks, were held consecutively for six days. This will make each team even crazier to show their fangs. And in fact it is true because the big teams are back in action.

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Overall Standings for PMPL ID Season 2, Week Five, Day Two

The second match of the fifth week yesterday brought together teams from Group B and Group C and in fact it was the big teams from Group B and Group C that dominated last Wednesday’s match.

ION Esports opened the second day’s match by winning Vikendi’s first match. They managed to get WWCD with 7 kills, which at the end of the match only two team members left. Next is our old hero whose performance dropped dramatically last week, namely Morph Team, who won the second match at New Erangel with 13 kills!

The next match at Miramar was held by the giant from Group C whose performance last week was very good, namely Aura Esports who managed to get WWCD with 16 kills! Next to Sanhok’s fourth match, NFT Esports managed to control the match with 8 kills.

The last two matches on the second day were closed with WWCD’s second of the two big teams. ION Esports took control of Miramar’s fifth match with 14 kills and Aura Esports took control of New Erangel’s sixth match with 16 kills!

The results of the second day’s match made ION Esports more firmly at the top of the standings with a total of 664 points. Even though Aura Esports got WWCD twice with big kills and points, in fact its fluctuating performance could not make them overturn Bigetron to second place. Aura is still at 559 points, 10 points different from BTR.

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The match of the third day will be held today. Keep on watching this drama-filled match and support your team of heroes!

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