Ottero Heist FF Skin Pet Has Arrived in Free Fire Shop

You have to know that the Ottero Heist skin pet has arrived at the Free Fire Shop, this is something we need to try to experience now. Because later by using Skin, surely our appearance will be cooler too. Especially in the future too, don’t forget things like the features in this game right now.

Various leaked updates are presented in the Free Fire game, quite a lot. Then you also know that, for example, there are some of the latest Free Fire Booyah Day events. Because with this too, there are still many prizes that we can get too. Take advantage of all the things in this game, it’s pretty good.

Even so, you need to know, what are the latest things that are present in the Free Fire game now. Intrigued by all this? let’s just look at the explanation in the article below.

Ottero Heist Skin Pet Has Arrived in Free Fire Shop

Now we have another new skin to try, especially since the Ottero Skin Pet with the Heist Theme has become a rarity in this game. So we can say that the newest skin is a sale that is present at the Free Fire Game Shop. For those of you who like to use Pet Ottero, don’t forget to buy the skin now.

Because it is certain that a skin like this will be presented on a limited basis in the Free Fire game. Where do we know now, the event from Free Fire x Money Heist, actually no longer exists. That way you guys don’t miss the latest sales right now, because the prices presented are very cheap enough for us to try.

Get it at a price of 200 FF diamonds!

In this Free Fire game shop, the price of the Pet is only 200 Diamonds. The price is quite cheap right? With this much, we can already get the Skin from the Ottero Heist Pet, it has become a part of the Rare Skin and we can get it at a low price. The appearance of Ottero will be better, if you use this Skin later.

Maybe some of you don’t know, for example, Ottero’s Pet is one of the Best Pets in the Free Fire Game until now. Even Ottero is also one of the most frequently used, because we can find out his true abilities. He will give Heal EP, this is one of the most useful things to replenish HP later.

In order for Ottero to be more enthusiastic about playing with you, of course you must be given a pretty good skin too. That way we will become one of the best Pet owners, in the Free Fire game for the future too. Moreover, from all of this, know that right now Free Fire’s mainstay Pet Healer is one of them Ottero.

So how? Are you still hesitant to try and feel the newest skin from this Pet?

You can also read How to Get FFIM Free Fire Bronze and Silver Tokens. Where these tokens will be very useful for us to exchange later, moreover this exchange is certainly the most important thing. Because what we know now, this exchange prize is a weapon skin that has a jackpot.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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