Open Beta Wild Rift, There Are 7 New LoL Mobile Champions Later!

Open beta Wild Rift, there are 7 new champions that you can use later. The closed beta of Wild Rift that is currently running has attracted a lot of interest from new players in this game. Moreover, the games that will be released openly in the near future are sure to have a lot of preparations. It seems that when the open beta starts, there will be many champions who will come.

Actually it is not surprising anymore because these 7 champions were predicted to come. The reason is that the names of these 7 champs have appeared on Datamine during the alpha build and the previous closed beta. Not only these 7 champions because there are still many names that will be released such as the mascot from LoL, Teemo.

You must play these 7 champions because most of them are top tier champions in LoL. Very tough and strong in their respective roles, of course from now on, save your Blue Motes to buy new champions who will come later!

The information on Wild Rift’s open beta that will bring in 7 new champions is a must for you to understand so that later you will understand. Immediately learn this new champ if you are interested in buying it later!


Akali is an assassin who has good mobility and high damage. Not a champion that is easy to play thanks to his skillset, but if you understand and master him, Akali is one of the champions who can manage rank matches. Suitable to be played in the mid as a midlaner assassin.


If you want to easily win on Baron lane, you must use this champion. Darius is a tanker-fighter whose skillset is not that complicated. But this skillset was extremely fatal because Darius could continue to fight without any problems. Especially the ulti and skill 1 which will be very useful in teamfight later.


One of the ADCs that is not easy to play thanks to his skill set. Draven is a champion who relies heavily on micro skills and positioning. But if you use it perfectly, this champion’s damage output can’t be beaten.


Evelynn is a tough assassin to play with. It takes good skills to pull out his combo perfectly. But if you can play it, Evelynn can easily kill your opponent without difficulty.


If you plan to play as a late game ADC then Kai’Sa you should pay attention to. This champion will depend on the late game with his full item and living weapon. The output damage offered by Kai’Sa is also very high.

Lee Sin

Maybe it will be the toughest champion with a complicated skill set when it comes out. Lee Sin only has 4 skills like other champions, but if his skill is hit, a new skill will come out, this is what makes him able to have many different skills to use.


Seraphine is the newest champion currently in LoL and it attracts him to come straight to the Wild Rift! Seraphine is a supoprt buffer, similar to Sona but Seraphine is played more aggressively thanks to its skillset.

The news about the Wild Rift open beta which will bring in 7 new champions is certainly interesting. With the presence of veteran champions and new champions like Seraphine, maybe Riot will be very active in updating.

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