Oops, Coach RRQ Hoshi Resigns?

RRQ Hoshi is one of the biggest teams in Indonesia. RRQ itself has made and succeeded in making proud achievements in MPL Indonesia. Not only that, RRQ is also known as a team that has a very high level of discipline.

It has become a natural thing, where to be pro player strengthening RRQ is one of the dreams of many MLBB players in Indonesia. This is because RRQ often creates “alien” figures from rooster they have.

The aliens referred to are various pro player with ability skill extraordinary. For example, let’s call it RRQ Lemon, which has long been the iconic alien from RRQ itself.

Track record

Broadly speaking, RRQ itself has had quite good achievements lately. The last achievement of RRQ itself is ensuring itself as a title holder back to back MPL ID Champion in 2 consecutive seasons.

That’s right, RRQ is the champion of the previous MPL ID Season 5 and MPL ID Season 6. Of course, defending the title of Champion in this most prestigious event is not easy.

But on the other hand, it seems that RRQ has not been able to deliver fantastic achievements. This is because RRQ failed to win titles in the MPLI and M2 competitions. Although from RRQ itself, the team was very fond of remodeling rooster until successful forming rooster current they have.

Being a phenomenon that is quite unique and rarely found. Where RRQ has 2 starting line up and made their formation so complex for the opponent to reckon with.

RRQ James

Although RRQ managed to find and form 2 rooster different, it seems that RRQ itself met results that were beyond expectations. Given that RRQ was forced to fail in the round playoffs The previous M2 was from Bren eSports which is a representative from the Philippines.

At first glance, RRQ did not seem interested in issuing the US Card even though it was in a pretty precarious situation when carrying out BREN at that time. In addition, there are also those who speculate that RRQ tends to underestimate its M2 opponents.

Apparently, these speculations are not entirely correct, but also not completely wrong. Because recently, RRQ announced something that was quite surprising to its fans.

Whereas James, who is known as the trainer of RRQ, seemed to want to resign. Even though the MPL ID Season 7 will take place soon. Of course, this decision will again present various changes within RRQ itself.

In other words, RRQ’s fall in M2 has indeed had a real impact on RRQ at this time. Even so, of course presence coach as a replacement for James is also a new mystery that RRQ must solve.

On the other hand, the supporters tend to be heavy-hearted in letting go and accepting the departure of James from their favorite team. That’s RRQ James, the trainer from RRQ Hoshi who was about to resign.

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