Only 150 Diamond Elite Pass Free Fire in the New FF Event?

Now there is a leak of the 150 diamond FF event for the elite pass in Free Fire, so we shouldn’t miss this. Even though it’s still in the form of a leak, it’s certain that later you can benefit from all things like this too. Make sure you get a variety of new information that shows what new things will be coming later.

Because indeed for now there are leaks of new event updates, there are still a lot of them. Especially if yesterday there were also a lot of Free Fire Black Shirt Sales Event Leaks, which would be the most interesting thing to try. But there are still many other interesting things that we can try to find out at this time in the Free Fire game for later.

Especially the various updates that might be one of the things that will affect us later in the game too. Check out this explanation directly in the article below now.

Leaked 150 Diamond Elite Pass Event on Free Fire

Web Events do always appear in different forms or types, so what we know is that leaked events like this will definitely be one of the most profitable things. Of course you also shouldn’t forget, to be able to know that the Big Discount Event will appear again soon. For this latest leak, you might be able to prepare from now on.

By knowing a variety of new things related to this discount is one of the most useful too. For example, there is an event like the one in the leak right now, make sure you are also ready to be able to know what things need to be obtained. Because indeed what we know at this time is the Discount Event, not always giving prizes and not also the total price reduction that is given.

But for the discount event at the leak right now, it can be said that at the beginning of the entry it was given directly. It’s almost the same as Free Fire’s newest Mystery Shop event, but what is clear is that in this case the items given must have an Elite Pass. By following this, surely the benefits of playing games will be even better in the future.

Especially if the prize is a Free Fire Elite Pass Card, it will bring something quite colorful. In the leak of this discount event, we will also be able to get one main prize, namely the Bundle. But the main requirement is that later you can get this, then buy the items that are presented at the time of the event.

Must buy the item first?

For example, the total purchase of diamonds for items that must be issued is only 15 Diamonds, so you can buy items at that price or more. When you buy this, the main prizes that are present at the discount will automatically open and can be purchased.

Big profits can indeed be obtained from here, that’s why we basically can’t miss the excitement of the event. Because it is a gift that is given, it makes a big profit that can be used later.

The leaks that are always appearing will always be there, and all of this will definitely be one of the most profitable things. That way you also have to know about Free Fire’s Latest Gloo Wall Token Event. Because from here you can get a lot of big profits. By knowing what will be present, careful preparation can also happen for later.

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