One LGD Gaming Player’s Visa was Denied 3 Times

News emerged that the Visa from LGD Gaming player, Xue ‘September’ Zhi Chuan, was rejected by the United States government.

Xue ‘September’ Zhi Chuan, who plays as supports at LGD Gaming, said he was again caught up in the annual visa problem ahead of The International tournament. As one of the teams invited directly to The International 6, LGD revealed on July 13, that their main roster might not be able to attend TI6 due to visa issues that hit September, which had already been rejected twice before the announcement. The results of the third visa application are still unclear, but recently a post circulated on the Weibo site if his visa was again refused.

Here is LGD’s statement after the second rejection:
“Due to educational background issues, visas from September and the new manager of ReBorN0405’s team were denied twice. We are trying to contact Perfect World and Valve to prepare for a third visa application attempt. “

Apart from September, two other Filipino teams namely TNC and Execration are also still struggling with visa problems. Despite the lack of time, the two teams still had more than a week to solve the problem. Whereas LGD might have to play with their reserve player, Wang ‘Banana’ Jiao. Last year Akbar ‘SoNNeikO’ Butaev also had to apply for a Visa to the US up to four times, and the EHOME manager had to ask for help after Chen ‘Cty’ Tian Yu’s visa was rejected 14 days before TI5 started.

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