Official Teaser MPL Indonesia Season 7

It was unexpected that the MPL would start soon and even the official teaser for MPL Indonesia season 7 had been released. You can watch the video on the official page of the Instagram Mobile Legends account.

The video is pretty cool too. Combining the star players of each team, not forgetting their flagship hero. The animation of each hero fighting each other has sufficient animation fluid.

But the most interesting thing is the soundtrack song. The song that plays in the video may be familiar to some. Because the song was given by the band .Feast.

Mobile Legends in collaboration with. Feast in making the latest teaser for Mobile Legends is certainly quite interesting. Moreover, it is effective when it increases the enthusiasm of the audience of the scene.

Official Teaser MPL Indonesia Season 7

The eight teams that will compete with each other in MPL Season 7 will surely be the best in the future. All of them are sure to give the best for the team and their respective fans.

Now there is a teaser trailer from Mobile Legends for MPL later. This cool trailer shows pro MPL players with their flagship heroes in captivating short animations.

Using their flagship heroes is certainly quite interesting. Plus the players in the spotlight in this video are rising star each team such as Albert, Ahmad, Sanz, and others.

Surely the enthusiasm of the audience, fans, and connoisseurs of the pro Mobile Legends scene can increase. With this teaser trailer, you can feel the high spirits of the players.

You can watch the official teaser for MPL Indonesia Season 7 on the official MPL ID Instagram account. This short two and a half minute video has a lot of cool stuff in it. Starting from the selection of heroes, players, and also the accompanying soundtrack.

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