OFFICIAL! EVOS Esports Enters Competitive League of Legends!

Homeland esports is starting to squirm. After some time, news got out that there was a possibility that EVOS would enter the competitive League of Legends. Today, the news is true.

Previously, in the article EVOS Esports Ready to Spread its Wings into League of Legends? explained that the owner of EVOS met the owner of the Fortius team. Together with one of the mainstay LOL players from Vietnam, Beyond.


With this news, of course we will see EVOS not only as a DOTA 2 Indonesia team but as a SEA esports team. Because previously, EVOS also acquired the Hearthstone team from Singapore. EVOS Announces Heartstone Division, Acquires Team Singapore.


On the other hand, Kenny Marcellino or better known as Chupper also emphasized that some time ago he would move competitively to Vietnam. If Chupper will join EVOS later, Beyond and Chupper will reunite after the two of them previously worked together on the Fortius team.

So, welcome to EVOS Esports on League of Legends!

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