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The animated film entitled Wolfwalkers was produced by a well-known animation studio in Ireland, namely Cartoo Saloon. Lots of animations have been made and have received a pretty good rating from the audience, starting from The Secret of Kells which was released in 2009 to The Breadwinner which was released in 2017.

Talking about achievements, this animated film also received several awards, including being included in the Oscar nomination for the best animation genre or friend. Obviously, something like that is not just an arbitrary presentation, because it is seen from the progress of this animation studio that it is still relatively new.

The Wolfwalkers storyline suggests that Robyn and his father Bill must move to England and occupy a small town in Ireland, namely Kilkenny. The reason for moving is because the father had to be moved to work to clear the forest in the city.

The forest where Robyn lives is a bit scary, because the forest there is still a little dense and also thick, and there are many wild animals that can threaten human safety. So that’s why Bill, who was then assigned to clean the area, had to fight against wild beasts that were ready to pounce on him.

Bill, who at that time was equipped with the knowledge, how to hunt and defend himself from wild beasts, was not afraid at all of the threats to him. He was even more afraid of what might happen to Robyn later.

Because at that time, Robyn was young and didn’t know how to defend himself. That’s why Bill always invited Robyn to practice hunting because, Bill, who was then a great hunter, wanted to make his son, has the same abilities as him.

Wolfwalkers (2020) Official Trailer

Wolfwalkers Information (2020)

Release Date: November 13, 2020

Duration: 1 hour 26 minutes

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family


Directors: Tomm Moore, Ross Stewart


  • Jericca Cleland (story and script consultant)
  • Will Collins (screenplay)
  • Tomm Moore (story)
  • Ross Stewart (story)


  • Honor Kneafsey to Robyn Goodfellowe (voice)
  • Eva Whittaker as Mebh Og MacTíre (voice)
  • Sean Bean as Bill (voice)
  • Simon McBurney becomes Lord Protector (voice)
  • Tommy Tiernan as Sean Og (voice)
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy as Mebh’s Mother, Moll MacTíre (voice)
  • Jon Kenny as Stringy Woodcutter, Ned (voice)
  • John Morton as Stumpy Woodcutter (voice)
  • Nora Twomey as Head Housekeeper, Bridget (voice)
  • Oliver McGrath becomes Street Children Ringleader, Padraig (voice)
  • Paul Young as Sheep Farmer (voice)
  • Niamh Moyles as Fishmonger (voice)
  • Ben Andrews becomes Soldier (voice)
  • Jerome Burelbach becomes Soldier (voice)
  • Vince Drews becomes Soldier (voice)
  • Seamus Greene becomes Soldier / Additional Voices (voice)
  • Gilbert Johnston becomes Soldier (voice)
  • Luke Mandie becomes Soldier (voice)
  • Ian Sanderson becomes Soldier (voice)
  • Jack Caldwell as Street Children (voice)

Rate: 8.1 / 10 (

Nonton Wolfwalkers (2020) Sub Indo Streaming Online

If we have previously watched films from other major animation studios, then it is no different from the studio that worked on Wolfwalkers animation, all have their own foreign characteristics, the same only with this studio, it has its own style, namely classic hand-drawn animation. , just like what Disney did before turning to digital.

This animation studio also presents an interesting and unique story, in just the animation depiction it also looks very beautiful. Moreover, if you look at the level of complexity and visual detail, it looks really interesting and without any flaws.

You can watch Wolfwalkers streaming on Apple TV +, this is an online streaming platform for legal movies. So watch wisely huh!

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