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Usually at the end of the year Netflix always presents films with musical genre and of course this is a spectacle that is always awaited by netizens around the world.

Therefore, this year is no exception, Netflix is ​​back with an extraordinary story through the family watch entitled The Prom.

The story centers on four artists who live on Broadway, who are experiencing a downturn in their careers, let alone the harsh criticism they get from netizens.

After thinking about ways to lift their careers for a long time, he finally found a girl who was sad.

The girl couldn’t go to her school porm due to some reason, so she couldn’t go there like most students at the school original.

The four artists named Dee Dee, Barry, Angie and also Trent are trying to help sag girls to increase their popularity back up.

The film The Prom was directed by Ryan Murphy and carried the theme of up beat songs to encourage the audience.

This was accompanied by dynamic music with a transition that matched the conditions of the song at that time.

Synopsis of The Prom

The Prom 1When viewed from the background and also the story that is carried in the film The Prom is very unattractive.

We all know that big names have contributed to this film, that’s what is very unfortunate for the audience why the cheer is not made more dramatic.

But all of this was completely denied by the director, he said that it would make this film look like a drama, not a musical in general.

Likewise with the place setting in the film The Prom, it really amazes the eyes of anyone who watches this film.

The lighting is also beautifully crafted to add an elegant impression but still blends in with all existing sets.

When you look at it, the purple color is more dominant and also the light blue color which makes a very good impression on the camera’s lighting effects.

In addition, the extras who play a role in this film are also quite cool, coupled with the choreography that fits exactly the movements of each player.

By adding songs and dance rhythms that match the music, it actually adds a distinct impression for film lovers who have this musical drama genre.

All the treads are uniform with a bandage of lriik songs to suit the circumstances of each player involved in it.

It’s not an awkward thing anymore, if the songs in each scene make all the audience feel nostalgic happy.

This is because there is an additional spark that is outstanding in the development, which makes everyone dynamic in their muskilaisation performances.

Information The Prom (2020)

The Prom 2020 2Release Date: December 11, 2020

Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Musical


Director: Ryan Murphy

Author: Bob Martin, Chad Baguelin


  • Meryl Streep as Dee Dee Allen
  • James Corden becomes Barry Glickman
  • Nicole Kidman becomes Angie Dickinson
  • Kerry Washington becomes Mrs. Greene
  • Keegan-Michael Key becomes Principal Tom Hawkins
  • Andrew Rannells becomes Trent Oliver
  • Ariana DeBose as Alyssa Greene
  • Jo Ellen Pellman becomes Emma Nolan
  • Tracey Ullman becomes Vera
  • Kevin Chamberlin becomes Sheldon
  • Mary Kay Place becomes Grandma Bea
  • Logan Riley becomes Kaylee
  • Sofia Deler becomes Shelby

Rate: 6.0 / 10 (

The Prom (2020) Official Trailer

Nonton The Prom (2020) Sub Indo Streaming Online

All the characters who played in the movie The Prom are really good, especially the four main characters who really animated the role.

Not only that, several extras also took part in the chairal scenes that occurred in the making of the film.

They are very active and have a big role to give the success that is in the film The Prom itself.

The moments that are built by each wearer are also very strong, because that’s why there are so many fun scenes that occur in this film.

The most important thing that is presented in the film The Prom is that the intensity of the tension decreases gradually with other stories.

The conflicts displayed are also confused, referring to shifts in each player who have different characters from one another.

Even so, this film is perfect to watch from start to finish, as it provides unexpected surprises.

You can watch The Prom online on Netflix, this is an online streaming platform that can be recommended by friends to watch movies officially and legally.

“Need to know! That Esportsku only provides information regarding official and legal streaming websites. So… enjoy your streaming ”

Talking about free and legal web streaming. We have summarized some that can be used as a reference for friends if you want to watch movies.

Not without reason, because if we all watch movies officially on the proper platforms, then that would be a big contribution to filmmakers around the world.


You could say Netlfix is ​​the largest streaming platform in the world, because of its large contribution to the film industry.

Because it offers a lot of various choices and also a new subscription package for all new users.

Netflix’s strengths

The monthly cost is quite cheap

  • There are Indonesian subtitles
  • There is a selection of films from various parts of the world
  • The films offered are also various, such as horror, action, drama and others

Lack of Netflix

  • Not free or paid


It is not without reason that this platform is growing from year to year. If you look at it, HBO is currently producing its original works incessantly.

Because of that, HBO’s prestige is no longer a joke and is ready to be a rival for other web streaming platforms.

The advantages of HBO Max

  • Lots of films of various genres
  • There is a series that is quite complete
  • There are Indonesian subtitles
  • There is a streaming video quality setting feature

Disadvantages of HBO Max

  • This HBO platform is paid

Those are some recommendations for official streaming platforms, so from now on, watch the recommended websites above, that’s all from us, thank you!

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