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Stories related to the world of spirits, it is very interesting to watch, especially when the night is getting dark and only the sound of an owl can be heard, surely it makes the atmosphere at night even more tense isn’t it.

The Korean drama this time also presents such nuances, the title is The Cursed this is the latest Korean drama released in 2020, has a rating at IMDB 7.5 which makes the story in this drama really get a lot of attention among horror genre lovers.

The Cursed includes Jin Jong Hyun played by (Dong il) he is a fairly well-known businessman, abundant wealth and assets are everywhere, but duunya he is a poor person who has nothing.

Turning to another scene, Jin He, who at that time worked as a news reporter, wanted to make news related to Jin Jong, because there were things that were interesting but full of mystery about the company he was dreaming of.

But on his way to the company, Jin He gets a mysterious message from someone who claims his name is Baek So, then tells him to meet at a small cafe. Long story short, Jin He, who at that time was curious about the story of the mysterious message, finally agreed to the invitation.

Arriving at the cafe where they made their appointment, Jin He was surprised that the person who sent the message was still a high school student. Then Baek So tells everything about him, who can see ghosts and control mysterious powers over long distances.

At first Jin He didn’t believe it, but some evidence Baek So had brought, and wanted to convince him that he really had that mysterious great power, and this is where the story of the creative drama The Cursed begins!

The Cursed (2020) Official Trailer

Information The Cursed (2020)

Release Date: November 13, 2020

Duration: 1 hour 5 minutes

Genre: Drama, Crime, Fantasy, Mystery

Language: South Korean

Director: Yong wan Kim

Author: Sang ho Yeon


  • Ji-won Uhm as Im Jin Hee
  • Ji-so Jung as Baek So Jin
  • Dong-il Sung as Jin Jong Hyun
  • Min-soo Jo as Jin Kyung
  • Moon-Sung Jung as Jung Sung Joon
  • Min-Jae Kim as Lee Hwan
  • Shin-rok Kim as Seok-hee
  • Joong-ok Lee as Chun Joo Bong
  • Go Gyu-Pil as Tak Jung Hoon
  • In-kwon Kim as Kim Pil Sung
  • Kim Mi-Kyung as Jong Hyun’s mother
  • Byung Mo Choi as Kim Joo Hwan
  • Kwon Yul as Lee Jung Hoon

Rate: 7.5 / 10 (

Nonton The Cursed (2020) Sub Indo Streaming Online

In terms of storyline, the Korean drama The Cursed is not too confusing, the reason is that even though the mystery genre has a very complex premise, in fact the audience can still enjoy this show without having to first examine the story that is served, so from the point of view of the drama’s storyline it can dbilang is complex and simple.

The players who appear in this drama are also very good, they bring out each character naturally, even though there are so many bad reviews from some viewers who don’t like this drama, they think that this drama has an predictable storyline.

You can watch The Cursed online at VIU, this is a legal online streaming platform, so we suggest that if you want to watch movies online, look for a legal website so you don’t harm anyone. Enjoy watching!

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