Nonton Saint Maud (2020) Sub Indo Streaming Online

Actually this Saint Maud film was released for the first time at an international film festival in 2019.

And the audience hopes for it to be released in the middle of the month in 2020.

But in fact this film has entered several web streaming, one of which is Amazon Prime.

Taking the psychological horror genre, this film premiered at the Toronto International Festival.

At the same time, the film Saint Maud was his first debut for Rrose Glass, who played a role in writing his own script.

The premise of the story is that a nurse named Kkatie experiences a traumatic incident at work.

After all this time, he later called himself Maud and made him even more religious in terms of worship.

This horror film really intrigues the audience, especially since the storyline that is being stretched is also very good.

Coupled with good psychological horror with the players who are very natural, their acting really makes the audience amazed by the storyline.

Synopsis of Saint Maud

Saint Maud 1The scene starts with Katie who was working at the hospital as a nurse.

At first he was fine, until an unlucky incident happened to him at work.

After this incident, Katie was overly traumatized and wanted to leave her job.

In short, time passed, he later identified himself as Maud and decided to leave his workplace.

After that, his life changed 180 degrees, he is now becoming more religious.

At first, Katie’s life was fine, now it has changed drastically and is very different.

He called himself Maud which means the messenger of God to heal the sick.

Once upon a time a patient came to his house, named Amanda, who had a strange and mysterious disease.

So that Katie was very obsessed with healing Amanda, who at that time was really sick.

However, everything becomes complicated, when he has the evil power from his past.

So Katie thought that this Amanda should be cleansed because her body was filled with sin.

Then can Katie heal Amanda, and is this true Maud that Katie was talking about really?

Saint Maud Information (2020)

Saint Maud 2020 1Release Date: February 12, 2020

Duration: 1 hour 24 minutes

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery


Director: Rose Glass

Author: Rose Glass


  • Morfydd Clark becomes Maud
  • Jennifer Ehle becomes Amanda
  • Lily Knight becomes Joy
  • Lily Frazer becomes Carol
  • Turlough Convery becomes Christian
  • Rosie Sansom becomes Esther
  • Marcus Hutton becomes Richard
  • Carl Prekopp becomes Homeless Pat
  • Noa Bodner becomes Hilary
  • Takatsuna Mukai becomes Hiro
  • Jel Djelal becomes Barman
  • Joanna Richardson becomes Old Woman
  • Jonathan Milshaw becomes Handsome Man
  • Fiona Thompson becomes Nurse
  • Sona Vyas becomes Agency Woman 1

Rate: 6.9 / 10 (

Saint Maud (2020) Official Trailer

Nonton Saint Maud (2020) Sub Indo Streaming Online

Saint Maud is a film that uses elements of horror to explore trauma and influences on the mind, mind and body.

So that the resulting exploration is very strong to influence horror films with strong psychological dressings.

So you could say that Saint Maud’s film has a strong enough appeal as a horror film.

The narrative at the beginning of the film is also very good, regarding the psychological damage of a very religious nurse.

However, all of that was destroyed by the deep trauma experienced by the nurse, so that the psychological side was very touched by the beginning of the story.

The narrative filled with anxiety, heartache and also related to spiritual situations has become the main attraction for viewers who want to watch this film.

You can watch Saint Maud online on Amazon Prime Video, this is a legal streaming platform. So watch wisely huh!

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