Nonton Nuclear (2020) Sub Indo Streaming Online

Nuclear is a drama film from England which will be released on November 8, 2020 and starring Emilia Jones, tells the story of a woman who is forced to leave home due to controversy with her brother and has to live near nuclear power.

This film tells the story of Emma and her mother’s struggle to escape to the countryside with her own biological mother, being injured after being attacked by her own brother. They try to escape from the city to the countryside to hide and find a safe hiding place.

This family member is not named, but in the film itself it is clear that there is an indication that Emma is different from her own family. I don’t know what the difference is, but he also feels like that, that he is indeed a little different.

After arriving in the countryside, and the threats have stopped, they arrive at an empty house near a nuclear power plant, there is also a very large poisonous lake and it is dangerous to poison humans, if any gas is inhaled. Meanwhile they are very forced to live there, because they have no other shelter.

Long story short, it turns out that not only the two of them are still living there, Emma’s friend who is not named lives there and tries to give directions to Emma and her mother so that they can live in the area safely, due to the destruction of nuclear radiation that occurred several years ago.

Nuclear Information (2020)

Release Date: November 9, 2020

Duration: 1 hour 32 minutes

Genre: Drama


Director: Catherine Linstrum

Authors: Catherine Linstrum, David-John Newman

Main cast:

  • Emilia Jones becomes Emma
  • Sienna Guillory becomes Mother
  • Oliver Coopersmith becomes Brother
  • George MacKay becomes Boy
  • Noriko Sakura becomes Japanese Lady

Supporting Players:

  • Steven Waddington as Father (voice)

Rate: 5.2 / 10 (

Nuclear (2020) Official Trailer

Nonton Nuclear (2020) Sub Indo Streaming Online

Since the beginning, Nuclear was filled with scenes of extreme violence, and made the audience uncomfortable due to the conflicts that occurred in the family, especially when Emma had conflicts with siblings, which made the scene as tense as possible. And each scene has deep enough detail, so you can feel the sadness experienced by Emma.

The audience will hate Eemma’s brother who is very rude to him, but he will also get revenge for what he has done. In the film Nuclear itself there are only a few players, but it is perfectly formed when they are acting, bringing a genre that is so sad but also serious.

You can watch Nuclear online on Amazon Prime Videos, this is a platform for streaming movies online, we recommend that those of you who want to watch movies, then watch it on a legal website, so as not to harm anyone. So have fun watching!

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