New Steffie FF Characters Advance Server Free Fire 2020

Garena free fire has launched a new feature, this feature is called advance server free fire. Free fire players can try to advance the ff server by registering first. For, the selected free fire players, you can play the New Steffie FF Characters Advance Free Fire 2020 Server

Advance server free fire itself is a server launched by Garena Free Fire to try new updates. This aims to allow players to search for bugs in the Garena Free Fire game before they are launched on the main ff server.

Those of you who find bugs, then report them to Garena free fire will usually be given a gift by Garena. These prizes are usually in the form of diamond free fire or free fire items which are certainly useful for you.

This February, there will be a lot of Garena free fire updates, you can find the latest free fire map that you can finally play. Previously, the free fire map lost itself to a lot of bugs so Garena Free Fire was forced to delete the map. But, this time the newest map of defeated in the Free Fire 2020 Advance Server is here.

Besides that, you can also find some of the latest updates on the free fire advance server. You can try the latest free fire deathmatch mode and also the ice gun free fire. Free fire players can still try this free fire advance server until February 2, 2020.

New Steffie FF Characters Advance Server Free Fire 2020

This time we will discuss about the new characters that are present in the adv server free fire this time. This new free fire female character has a name, namely Steffie. This character is said to have been a street artist who was familiar with the art tools used to draw Graffity. Usually people who do these street artists are called graffity artists.

Free fire players themselves can see the appearance of this free fire character. He shows that he is an artist who is familiar with drawing graffity. You can see the jeans are ripped at the knee and there is an image on the character’s thigh. Free fire players will also see a brown jacket with white clothes inside that the New Steffie FF Character Advance Server 2020 wears.

In addition, Advance Server’s New Steffie FF Character has a display with bright blue bangs. On his face there is also bright blue ink which indicates that he has finished drawing free fire graffiti.

Latest Steffie FF Character Skills Advance Server Free Fire 2020

Free fire players will get a cool skill from this graffity artist. You can see that he has a free fire skill that is useful for himself when playing free fire. The new Steffie character Advance Server Free Fire 2020 has a skill called Painted Refuge.

The skill of this steffie character is very special, because he has 2 skills at the same time that you can get from one character. The Painted Refuge Skill itself has uses in providing protection from explosions both from grenades and others. In addition, it can also reduce the damage given by bullets from free fire weapons. That means you have two skills that are good for your defense.

Previously, Garena Free Fire updated the character with a skill that added explosive power called the free fire character Alvaro. The ff character can add a very large explosive power. So, by presenting the New Steffie FF Character Advance Server Free Fire 2020, it can be said to be the opponent or counter of the Alvaro character.

The Latest Steffie FF Characters Are Good For Self Defense Free Fire!

Painted Refurge itself has skills that do good damage reduction for self-defense when playing free fire. You will get a 15% reduction in damage from the explosion and a 5% reduction in bullet damage that you can do for 5 seconds.

To reuse the skill of this free fire character, the cooldown time of this skill is 45 seconds. You will get a reduction in damage from both explosions and bullets, the higher the level of this free fire character ..

At level 1 character, free fire players will get 15% reduction in explosion damage and 5% from bullet damage. Then, when this free fire character enters level 2 you will get a 17% reduction in damage from the explosion. Also, get 5.5% damage reduction from bullets within 6 seconds.

When free fire players enter level 3 of this Latest Steffie FF Character, you can get 19 explosion damage reduction and 6% bullet damage reduction. You can maintain this for 7 seconds at level 3.

Meanwhile, if you reach level 4 then you can get a 21% explosion damage reduction and a 6.5% bullet reduction. With a skill usage time of 8 seconds. At level 5 of the free fire character, free fire players will get a reduction of 25% from explosions and bullet damage by 7.5%. At level 5, you can use it for 10 seconds to protect yourself from massive damage.

Free fire players will get longer and better defense when they reach the highest level. Unfortunately, the cooldown time of the New Steffie FF 2020 Character skill is still the same, which is 45 seconds from using the last skill.

That’s the information about the New Steffie FF Characters Advance Free Fire 2020 Server that you can get. So download Advance server ff 2020 first to try this character. Greetings booyah!

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